Poll: Is Oro actually Dead?

Is Oro Alive

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  • Who is Oro?

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Ok, chances are there is some "part" of oro in Kabuto, but I want to no if right now during this Sasuke v Itachi fight if Oro is still alive..In chapter 392 Kishi made Oro look fodder compared to a blind man. This chapter we see a snake not sure if it is to show how oro is alive, or merely Itachi was poisoned but then how is Sasuke alive

So I just want to see what everyone on the Boards think, Is Oro dead or is he alive

Technically, even he is still Sealed Up in that Sword, even then No, just like he was'nt technically dead after Sasuke "took over."

But regardless, he's alive and he's coming back.
The question on the poll is different from the one you asked everywhere else so I picked the wrong answer :pek

I think Oro isn't dead. There's no way he would go out so insignificantly (again) and after seeing how often he comes back every single time he's taken out I find it hard to believe that this was his final return.

The only way Oro is going down is with this.
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has this manga taught you anything, the answer is obvious ...NO!!

The only way i see oro dying is if god himself came down an struck him down!
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