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The Boss


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:( ... I know.. I forgot the ring. :arg
how pretty
Thank you Hayate! xD

It's so sad!!
I love how you colored their hair though.
Yes.. Its sad.. =( .... Thanks you sonteen. <3

good work^^
I like it^^
*though its sooo sad*
:cry Yes sad... ;__; ... Thank you Vermil!~ <3

Well done Shoko!
But it won't happen btw.
Katon you need to read Manga... :LOS thank you Katon!` <3333

It's sad, but a pretty nice picture Great colors and very nice shading!
Thanks a lot fox!~ <3

Very pretty! Nicely done, Shoko!
Thanks Aka!~ :love

Pretty good
Thank you Orina!~ <3

Looks amazing, Shoko
Im gla dyou like Sasuke. :iria Thanks!

beatiful Amazing job there, shoko
xD Thanks Tefax!~ X3

Nice work shoko! Good coloring and shading.
Thank you Denji!~ ^___^

Amazing, I love it!
Im gla dyou like it!~ o3o Thanks IKS!~

It's lovely.
I like Itachi's face a lot.
Thank you Byakko! I though I did him weird but Im glad you like it!~ <3

It is so great
:arg ... I know.. :cry .. but thank you Kaka!~ :love

It is realy nice looking I really like the colors ^_^
Thanks Saku!~ <3

Looks great=]
Thanks a lot Blaze!~ <333

That's a pretty good rendition of that scene, shoko.
Thank you KY!~ <3333333333
I like how you have drawn Itachi's face and did the shading of their skin. Sasuke looks so innocent and shocked. Something about the neck looks a little odd to me, kind of looks like it is set too far forward, even if he face is pushed back to get away from that reaching hand. The way you drew it makes it look like Itachi is getting ready to brush aside Sasuke's hair. :3
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