plot flaw i noticed?...


Lord Forgive Me.
okay so why did oro, come out of sasuke's body at all?

he came out thanked itachi for weakening sasuke and proceeded to attack itachi....erm...why?

if oro was already inside sasuke's subconscious and sasuke was weakened surely he could have taken him over no problem internally. surely if oro had all that latent chakura, it will still be his after gaining sasuke's body so defeating itachi would have actually been easier as he would have had sasuke's sharingan at his disposal.

just a thought...
i think after he takes over a body he is subject to all their body reservations
like bloodlines and chakra supply thats why he trained sasuke so much because thats what he would have to work with
how the fuck he got a free body boggles me
The Oro Hydra thingy GREW out of Sasuke.

Why Oro didn't effectively use Sasuke's Sharingan however is a mystery to me. Maybe he didn't have enough time to set it up.
Sasuke was in a weakened body, so that probably would'nt be a good idea.

Also if you look back at Part 1, after Oro takes over Gen'y'maru for the remainder of the Arc he-Oro-is covered in bandages. Perhaps using that jutsu
hurts the body for a short time?

His goal was to kill this weakened Itachi immediately, and then take Sasuke.
It seemed sensible, and yu areonly assuming he could just take Sasuke's body right there and then with no consequences, without being vulnerable aftewards.
Remember that after a body transfer Orochmaru is initially weak, that's why he was in bandages after his last transfer.
Yeah a couple of people have already answered it but I'll throw my two cents in.

When he transfers to another body he is initially weakened and probably has to spend some time adjusting to the new body and such.

If he had taken over sasuke at that time, Itachi would have just taken his eyes and then killed him with susuno-o anyway so it wouldn't have been a very smart thing to do.
This answer is simple. Even if he takes over Sasuke, Itachi could still just beat him and then pluck his eyes out, Sasuke was out of chakra so Oro would have nothing to fight with. Oro popped out to kill what he thought was a very weakened and off guard Itachi... only to be surprised himself to find out what Itachi still had left. It is not bad writing
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