Plain out creepy... "What if...?" 's


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Ok, this thread is about creepy things that could have happened but think god they didn't... Example: "What if Rock lee did sexy jutsu?"

Hmm anyways make up your own just make sure it could have happened...


"What if Orochimaru tried to take Tsunade's body?"

"What if Rock Lee DID do sexy jutsu?"

"What if Tsunade was flat chested :(?" (zomg the horror)

"What if Haku was a girl!?"

Lol, those are some of mine.. painful.
How is this... What if Kakashi and Sasuke were girls?

What if Naruto had his own harem?
What if Tsunade siddenly regressed to Naruto's age?
etc. etc.
Uh you can actually see if Kakashi and Sasuke were girls O_O in the game Naruto Ultimate Ninja use Sharingan while fighting against Naruto and then do your "Up Up" Ninjutsu... and they will do sexy jutsu
I thought he loved them both!!!!!

Hes one of thats right.....
......obsessed stalker types!
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