OBD wins due to lack of vegetarians.

OBD tosses animal carcasses at Peta=Critical hit


Which PETA is this?
-People Eating Tasty Animals
-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

If its the latter, we lose because they bomb scienitfic researching buildings.
They sneak attack us, killing some of us through pure luck.

Then, we capture one of their own.
We tie them up in a chair and get them on tv, where we take some animal, a living one and kill it in front of their very eyes before preparing it and then we force them to eat the meat until they die.

Now, who wants to bet that PETA will stay the hell away from us because they will all shit themselves from thinking about that happening to them?
Guys PETA will have no problem using lethal force, PETA kills animals I got scans
American Shonen Jump Magazine Interview

We're fucked.
Good for them.
Then, we won't have any problem finding people that will want to cut them apart as well, after they have been forced to eat animals on television, and the internet as well (hey, we might as well), thus removing anything they might use to justify their actions, which means people will leave that organization.

We win.
wait how many members are in PETA? and are celebrity members involved in this too?
How effective is Jplaya can(n)on against celebs? I see them being the biggest threat
So it could be harmful to some, but it can piss off any of the celebs who aren't crying bitches :zaru
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