Perception of Truth

This is kind of a vague question. I'll answer it to the best of my ability though. It could be that the truth is like a Rubik's cube. From one angle it looks green. From another orange. i.e. that there is no singular way to perceive the same truth. There are multiple ways.

Another example. There is a rich investor in America, a small, just starting up shoe company looking to expand, and a poor young child in India. The rich investor is given a choice. He can invest in the shoe company, or help the young child in India by feeding him for life. The rich investor decides to invest (as investors do) in the shoe company. This is true. But if you ask the shoe company employees how they feel about it, and how the young child in India feels about it, you'll get two very different perceptions.

Forgive me if that is a bad example, I'm procrastinating on homework, so this was kind of rushed. I might have misunderstood the question.
How do people perceive truth differently, what causes them to do so?

the answer is in the question: perceive

1. the perceptions vary primarily according to our senses:

dogs mostly perceive world as smells, whereas humans mostly perceive it as images

2. the perceptions vary according to our experiences
3. the perceptions vary according to our intellect

don't feel like developing 2 & 3
Different amount of received information, thinking methods, value: all these give different angle to one and any truth.
different sensory abilities, different genes, different cultural up bringings, different life experiecnes generally. people are different so tehy perceive the same thing differently
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