Pein will transform Itachi into a Rinnegan clone


I'm just lol'ing at the possibility.

You'd love to see that happening, wouldn't you. :LOS
Of all the things that might happen in future chapters that's amongst the least likely.

It's less likely than Hidan and Sakura forming a private detective agency.
Nah, Pain is no where near them. The only way it seems plausible if Pain also makes Jiraiya one.

Nah, Orochimaru is more likely to possess Itachi.
It's more likely that Zetsu eats Itachi and Sasuke now that they are both dead/out of chakra, gets the ultimate Sharingan, and then kills the entire manga and eats Kyuubi.
Eh no, Pein isn't going to turn Itachi into a Rinnegan clone. Because all the Peins were linked to Jiraiya's stroll so long ago. And Itachi wasn't among them.
I don't think he will. Although I don't understand how Pein chooses his clones, I think Madara and several others (like Sasuke even) wouldn't allow his body to be just taken.
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Also, as someone else stated, I believe Orochimaru is going to take over Itachi's body since it is just lying there, and Orochimaru the snake appeared to be going towards it.
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