Orosuke & Orobuto vs Itachi.


Don't fear the snake :P
Just a random thought. Sasuke and Kabuto both suped up with Orochimaru powers, Itachi has 100% eyesight. No restrictions in terms of jutsu. Whaddya think?
ONE Orochimaru simply can't win against Itachi (demonstrated twice), until maybe by the end of the manga. TWO Orochimarus probably do win though.
orosuke and orobuto take him down, since all he really has to offer are MS attacks that hurt HIM tremendosuly more than they'd hurt orobuto/orosuke

plus the whole 2 on 1 thing keeps him off guard and disoriented, epsecially against such strategic/tactical minds
after a long fight itachi loses... but he would most likly have killed orobuto by the end of the fight
orochimaru by himself cannot win. But once he gets the sharingan its near invulnerability to genjutsu(visual genjutsu at least), along with prediction, regen and all his jutsu, Orosuke stomps.
Sasuke alone pushed Itachi down to the wire. Throw another guy in there, just a Kakashi-level one, and Itachi's going down.
Someone guessed right. Orochimaru can never and will never defeat an Uchiha.

Itachi rapes Oro, again.
Team Oro takes this. Healing powerups and hidden chakra reserves give them the edge.
What is "Orosuke"? Is it Sasuke with some of Orochimaru's powers, exactly what we have seen fighting Itachi? Or is it Orochimaru with Sasuke's Sharingan and body? The latter beats Itachi with the help of "Orobuto" – the former defeats Itachi on his own.

The second type of "Orosuke" uses yamata aggressively, probably is restored to full grace and can use the jutsu he used to force just-off-prime Sarutobi to the ground in an instant (often forgotten panel, during Orochimaru's escape – Sarutobi was a little unwilling to stop him, but the jutsu Orochimaru used looked impressive), refuses to die, refuses to be subject to Itachi's genjutsu, throws around fast Kusanagi attacks from underground… And will not lose to amaterasu and susano'o.
This is pretty much an obvious one, yeah. When Sasuke with a few of Orochimaru's powers came so close, full and prime Orochimaru with Sasuke's Sharingan is going to do just as well or better, and "Orobuto" makes this a certainty against an opponent who really doesn't want to fight two-on-one.
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