Orochimarus vs S-Ranks


Itachi, Kabuto, Kimimaro and Sasuke all possessed by 4 identical Orochimarus
vs Jiraiya, Tsunade, Old Sarutobi, 3-Body Pein, Kakuzu, Hidan, Deidara, Sasori and 30% Kisame

The Orochimarus function as 4 different characters so they cannot be killed all at once by Hidan
No Edo Tensei, Susano or Kirin
Orotachi can only use Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu twice each
He has fully functional eyes that will not go blind
Jiraiya can go hermit mode but no frog song
Deidara is in character so no instant C4
S-Rank Team is blood-lusted except for Deidara and have preptime
All participants have full knowledge
Battlefield: Forest of Death
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well i would have to go with the S-ranks on this one. Oro is outnumbered but he'll probably take out hidan, deidara, sasori, tsunade, sarutobi and kisame before all oros are killed
S ranks win.
With the amount of AoE jutsus being used I think that Hidan could scratch each of the Orochimarus.
The Forest of Death is a beautiful location for this apocalyptic clash. Orochimaru's enemies will start in typical form: Deidara to the air, and the others to use what they know to try to find their targets. Despite the advantage of numbers, Orochimaru's enemies have a disadvantage: numbers. Yes, I said it. That and location.

Kakuzu has limited effectiveness if he cannot see his target over a reasonable range, and if he starts using overpowered elemental jutsu he anti-synergises (excuse me the word) with most of his allies except for Hidan and Deidara. Many of these shinobi will be tripping over themselves, quite honestly, and the obvious three teams (Jiraiya + Tsunade + Sarutobi, Kakuzu + Hidan + Deidara, Pein + Sasori + Kisame) just leaves easy pickings for organised assassin squads of Orochimaru.

I'm really wary about underestimating Tsunade, Pein, Deidara and Sasori, but there's a surprising amount of power on the other side. "Orotachi" can use amaterasu more easily than Itachi thanks to better chakra and regenerative powers, and at the end of the day all four of these are Orochimaru.

If his enemies go for the most sensible plan of levelling the forest, all four Orochimaru summon Manda and/or yamata for distractions and try to get closer in an organised team of four, by travelling underground. Kusanagi attacks, "Orotachi" surfaces to try out amaterasu, and the four of them are probably able to back each other up pretty well.

An opening attack won't kill anywhere near everyone, but after about a minute of the four Orochimaru forcing close quarters and abusing the anti-synergy of the enemy team, I see a few of their enemies having fallen and the Orochimaru being fine. If the tide starts swinging, they can probably retreat.

They're? going to be very hard to kill. Sasori and Jiraiya are gonna' be pushed here.
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