Orochimaru will possess Sasuke in the very near future


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Its all in the title pretty much.

I've seen people speculate Orochimaru will take over Itachi's body but that'd be pretty much pointless, the body is literally ruined, Itachi was on his last legs for quite a while and is blind. Orochimaru isn't going to be able to make use of the sharingan when they are screwed.

Which means he needs Sasuke, Sasuke who appears to be paralysed with fear/shock and who literally has no chakra left. Everything he has is used up basically. That snake on the penultimate page is definatley slivering towards the 2 Uchiha.

My main reasoning for originally thinking this wasn't that Itachi was screwed up, but more because if Sasuke recovered after this without a hitch he comes out of things without learning the lesson he should.

I mean Sasuke at this point has taken his revenge, got rid of Orochimaru's influence entirely and turned himself into one hell of a ninja. That basically screws Naruto over in terms of what he's been trying to accompish, contradicts what Kakashi told Sasuke about power and does mean that Sasuke made the right choice. I wouldn't be adverse to seeing that happen, there are lots of paths in life but I just can't see Kishimoto writing it like that.

So Sasuke will be possessed, control of his body wrested from him in his final moment of triumph, when he thinks he's achieved what he set out to do he'll lose himself and Naruto will have to save him from Orochimaru's influence after all.
First off, Sasuke didnt really finish Itachi off chances are his revenge isnt satiated...and now that i think of it maybe Sasuke is frozen/in shock because of snake poison
Itachi is dead, effectively at Sasuke's hand. I think his thirst for revenge is likely to be somewhat sated.

and now that i think of it maybe Sasuke is frozen/in shock because of snake poison

thats plausible, though if he is it only makes it more likely Orochimaru is going to posess him, not less.
I don't believe Sasuke got his revenge unless he actually was the cause of Itachi's fall and I believe that is not the case.

I believe Kishi saved Sasuke from going down that road of no return, however Sasuke has another goal now and that is Madara, as he too was involved in the Uchiha massacre.
Its a possibility now that Sasuke is in a weakened state. However i hope it doesnt come to that, it would be lame beyond imagination.
while i hope this is the case. i dont know.. i was already wrong about itachi's fate.. so im not willing to bet against sasuke all tht much anymore.
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