Orochimaru not gone yet, neither will itachi


This theory only applies when/if Itachi is defeated by Sasuke.

At the moment, Orochimaru is in a dreamlike state and stuck in a genjutsu world.
When Itachi dies, will this genjutsu world of itachi's be broken and set Orochimaru free? I think that may be a possibility, and orochimaru, back, but extremely weak, finds an extremely weak or dead itachi and uses his body, thus the return of both oro and itachi.
lol This may be highly unlikely, but its one of the only things i can think of to have oro return besides oro-kabuto :p

Then, sasuke will be enraged when he learns about this.
oro wont come back from the genjutsu world but hes not dead

im too lazy to input spoiler tags so pay attention to the manga really close, its not hard to tell but still, you gotta think about how crazy oro really is....
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