Oro + Sasuke (Read) V.S. Itachi (bloodlusted)


Sasuke is without snake powers, without CS

Basically, Sasuke's fusion with Oro has ended and now they are fighting as 2 separate entities.

Oro is allowed one edo tensei... however by using this edo tensei... Sasuke's, yes Sasuke's, chakra must be depleted to at least 70% (rendered almost chakra-less) and Orochimaru loses his summoning abilities.

Oro, Sasuke want to defeat and kill Itachi.


Susanoo is allowed
Amaterasu and Tsukyomi are allowed - one each

Itachi also does not need to take rest or a break between MS attacks.

All else is allowed
Itachi is not trying to take Sasuke's eyes but in bloodlust is fighting to kill both of them - no mercy.
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Orochimaru gets owned in the first minute of the fight, as usual. Sasuke without white snake and CS isn't going to beat Itachi.
Bloodlusted Itachi with access to his 3 MS Techniques owns with just Susano
Nothing shown has been able to break through Susano's defence, so yah...
Even without Susano, bloodlusted Itachi without needing a rest or break from MS techs would just need to use Amaterasu on Oro and Tsukuyomi+cut off his head as soon as possible on Sasuke
Wow Itachi bloodlusted we have never seen that and he is the most scared chareter in my opinion he would wipe the floor with them with 2 MS moves and some of his own non Sharingan Genjustu's.
They are powerless :facepalm Itachi beats the hell out of them both...

almost powerless by using edo tensei... but you must know that edo tensei means a whole new nin.

It can be anyone,

Sarutobi, Jiraya, Minato, etc..

However by using edo tensei Oro loses his ability to summon and Sasuke is at only 30% of his normal chakra.

Scenerio 2 --- they could choose not to use edo tensei

Either way i think they would lose.
Itachi would probably win. Oro would go down quick, then It's basically a Itachi Sasuke fight with no Curse Seal.
Assuming that Orochimaru would lose so easily is quite poor. He lost quickly to Itachi before for two reasons: he tried to use fushi tensei too easily, and he could not protect himself from Itachi's genjutsu. Here, he will know better than to use fushi tensei and he has Sasuke who can release him from genjutsu. Forget edo tensei, we're talking about a man who can perform an underground attack with his Kusanagi blade that not even yonbi Naruto can dodge, with back-up from someone who fought Itachi evenly.

I don't think that Itachi can win this, though he can beat either one of them (not just alone, but when they're together he can beat either one). Susano'o isn't as invulnerable as it looks: its defence seems to rely on a big shield. That's great for one direction…
Oro Edo Tensai's the Rokudou Sennin. The Rokudou Sennin creates a Susanoo and the two Susanoo's destroy each other. Rokudou Sennin creates another Susanoo. Itachi creates another Susanoo. They battle and both get destroyed. This continues. However, unfortunately for Itachi, Rokudou Sennin has a lot more chakra and can switch from the Sharingan to the Rinnegan or Byakugan if he choses, so his eyesight can be preserved as well. Itachi's doomed. :zaru
A rather odd idea that, GameGod. Would Orochimaru be able to summon Rikudō Sennin, considering that we have no reason to believe Orochimaru even believes he ever existed? Also, does Orochimaru not need physical remains of the person he wishes to summon? Even if he does summon Rikudō Sennin, why do you believe that he could cast susano'o?
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