orchimaru gets his eyes?

this is just somthing i saw and i cant make any sense of it other then this. my eyes chapter or ochimaru was already out of susake he was ripped out susake doesnt have his power anymore. There was a snake slithering and orchimaru has been put down twice because the uchila were at full power using there eyes to protect them right now theres 2 bodies for the taking neither of the brothers can use the sharigan his shield should have sealed but the snake is there wich is a part of orchimaru and it isent suaskes i think this is to good of a chance to miss if orchimarus still alive smile-big
orochimaru should stay dead.

I'm sick of him being HTFIA (Here The Fuck I Am) back everytime something new happens.

Kishi dude!
one of those bodies is dead, so count that out, and the other one oro JUST LEFT and it would be unbelievably lame to re enter it immediately. plus he's reduced to a single snake, hes barely even alive much less able to take over bodies. plus zetsu can stop him if he tries it
Lol I couldnt really understand what you've wrote OP but it is a good chance that Oro is still alive.
Orochimaru's constant returns from the "dead" piss me off... It's like, 'oh that was predictable...'
I have no clue what you just tried to say.

Did they replace English classes with nap time sometime in the 10 years?
It would be cool if Oro takes Itachi body for himself, or uses his Impure World Reurrection Jutsu on him. Based on the latest issue I believe he has survived the battle. But by obtaining Itachi, I'm not saying he will obtain the Sharingan. That thing is blown to bits.
If Itachi is dead or just gives up on life
I think Oro will take over his body but with no eyes
Then wait till Madara dies or runs away in a weaken state and take his eye
And then after that go kill Kishi for the last eye
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