Onslaught vs Apocalypse

Onslaught was big time trouble that required, at the time, the supposed sacrifice of many major and powrful Marvel heroes. Apocalypse has become a joke and is only important, much less truly powerful, in an alternate future...
uh didnt magneto himself kill apocalypse himself?

fuck apoc. onslaught rapes the fuck out of apoc to death :(
only way this thread works is if it's AoA Apoc

Lol, AoA Pooky wasn't all that much better than current Pooky. AoA Pooky just had less people around who could make a complete fool out of him. Honestly, that guy needs to give up his dreams for world domination and his ideas that he is superior to mutants, the guy is an Alpha mutant and there are PLENTY of other Alpha's who could whoop his ass, not to mention of course the Omega's that could also whoop his ass or at the very least have far more potential than he ever will.
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