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Welcome to the One Piece Tournament Section. Organized Tournaments are held here using characters from Oda's creative world. To learn more about how matches and Tournaments are set up, I suggest you consult the Tournament Discussion Thread. This thread is to keep track of matches played, stats, and a general pride boost if you've fared well.

Amalgam Tournament 1

Round 1 -Powdered Toast Man vs. Edyh
Round 1 - Cochise vs. Kaenboshi
Round 1 - Kuya vs. diablejambe
Round 1 - Rice Ball vs. Liquid0
Round 1 - Kyon vs. Zuko
Round 1 - Astaroth vs. Teach
Round 1 - Ark 10.0 vs. Smoker
Round 1 - Shoddragon vs. Redux-Shika Boo
Round 1 - StrawHats4Life vs. Buggy the Clown
Round 1 - Doc. Q vs. Mihawk

Round 2 - Edyh vs. Rice Ball
Round 2 - Kyon vs. Kuya
Round 2 - Teach vs. StrawHats4Life
Round 2 - Smoker vs. Kaenboshi
Round 2 - Doc. Q vs. Mihawk (by way of Redux-Shika Boo forfeit)

Semi-Finals - Kyon vs. Kaenboshi vs. Rice ball
Semi-Finals - Mihawk vs. StrawHats4Life

Championship - Mihawk vs. Rice Ball
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