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redon on Oda not completing the chapter:

The chapter is 100% readable, it has all the panels and texts, but there are some pages that are not fully drawn. Some panels only have the preliminary sketch before the final drawing (sketches with a lot of details, not like the ones Togashi does in Hunter x Hunter), others have parts of the drawing that are 100% finished but some are sketches, some do not have shading patterns, a background... It's a very strange feeling to see it.
RAW pics are out, description/translation of some of the dialogue thanks to Pew and Will of Marco:

PAGE 2 Request for reinforcement is being called in from a country in South Blue. Iva says they can't do it because their ship is full of the injured from Goa Kingdom. Kuma says he will go. Iva tries to stop him saying he was being reckless, ever since "that day" (the day that Ginny was kidnapped) Kuma goes anyway. A phone call flashback from that day starts.

PAGE 3 The caller is saying that they're squad was wiped due to an "unexpected interference" Ginny was eyed by a Celestial Dragon to be his wife, that's why she was kidnapped. The caller is repeatedly saying "I'm sorry" Kuma arrives at the place where reinforcement was needed and ended the 3-years long battle by himself. He calls Dragon and says that he's tired and will rest on the ship.

PAGE 4 Narrator: 2 years have passed since the abduction of the Commander of the RA - Ginny calls the RA. There's a baby crying in the background. Ginny calls her Bonney. Ginny says that she was released from enslavement because she became sick. She was not needed anymore. Ginny was saying she wants to see everyone again but this was the farewell call. Kuma asks where Ginny is and says he will go there immediately.

PAGE 5 Ginny says she doesn't want Kuma to come to see her. Ginny gives thanks to Dragon and Iva and says "Take care of the very kind Kuma". Kuma didn't listen to the phone call to the end. He never heard Ginny saying "Kumachi, I have always, always loved you..." because Kuma immediately teleports to Sorbet Kingdom.

PAGE 6 Kuma arrives at their church home in Sorbet Kingdom and finds Ginny dead. We see her hand covered in crystals. They say that when her skin was bathed in natural light, it turned blue and crystallized. Kuma remembers many memories about Ginny. Including the time when she asked Kuma to marry her. They say that the baby survived because of Ginny, (seems like Bonney also had the disease) Ginny crossed the sea under the sunlight, by covering her, until her life was spent.

PAGE 7 Kuma says "Rest easy, Ginny, I will raise this child." Kuma makes a grave for Ginny. Kuma is asking the elders for advice on how to prepare milk for the baby. They say Bonney is too cute. They also said that Bonney must be placed in an iron cage when they sleep or else Kuma might flatten her with his big body.

PAGE 8 Kuma sees the resemblance of Bonney to Ginny because Bonney was chugging down the milk very fast. Kuma remembers Ginny's appetite and says that Bonney was a "Big Eater" like Ginny. A few years passed and Bonney grew up. She said "Father" for the first time and Kuma was crying of happiness. Bonney grew into a beautiful young girl. When Kuma was away fighting, she was left in the care of the elders in Sorbet Kingdom

PAGE 9 We see more flashbacks. Kuma bathing child Bonney, Kuma training young Sabo, Kuma fighting in rebellions. Kuma really put Bonney in an iron cage when they sleep. Lol One day, the two future crewmates of Bonney visits Kuma's church and was wondering why Kuma barred all the windows shut. Kuma tells them to shut the door too.

PAGE 10 The two went to fetch a doctor. The doctors cannot identify the disease, one of them mentioned the White Lead Syndrome but it was not it (Law's past disease). Kuma tells Dragon and Iva that he will quit the RA. He told them about Bonney's condition and doesn't know what to do. He wants to be by her side. Dragon understands and says "Live without regrets. The RA will also search for a doctor around the world" Kuma says "I owe you one, Dragon"

PAGE 11 Narrator: 7 years ago. 5 y.o Bonney Bonney was being bullied by kids. They're calling her a "vampire" because she was not going out. Bonney fights them. Bonney got outside the church' s door. Kuma sees this and calls out Bonney.

PAGE 12 Kuma asked Bonney, if her sickness got healed, where would she like to go (on a vacation)? Bonney says she wants to go to Sky Island. Kuma asks "there's a sky island?" Bonney says she read it in a book. She wants to go there because it's near the Sun. She says Nika might be there and Kuma might enjoy going there too. Kuma starts to dance the Drums of Liberation rhythm and says they will go there when Bonney is 20 years old. He asks where she would like to go when she's 19. Bonney answers "Fishman Island" A doctor tells Kuma that Bonney's disease is called "Sapphire Scales". It's an incurable disease. The doctor says its an "extremely rare" disease. All natural light (sunlight and moonlight) will make the stone propagate. Even if all lights will be completely blocked, the advancement of the disease will advance on with time.

Last pages : The doctor says that Bonney has only 5 years left to live. She will die when she turns 10. Kuma is shocked by this news. He doesn't know what to do. He goes back and was surprised by Bonney. Bonney heard "10 years old" and asked Kuma what was that about? Kuma lies and tells her that the doctor said that her sickness will be healed when she turns 10. Kuma was saying he was sad because it will take that long.But Bonney was happy and says she will finally have a trip with his father. Kuma lies again and tells her that she will be healed when she turns 10. One year has passed. Nightmare has come once again in Sorbet Kingdom.The citizens asked Kuma for help because King Bekori plans to burn all the "burden" of Sorbet Kingdom (the elder and sick people on the south). The nightmare from 16 years ago will happen again. They said he's not human and already started killing masses of people. End Note: The nightmare never ends...
From Scotch and redon:

Chapter 1099: Pacifist (Peace lover)

- It begins with the return of King Bekori with some marine forces, who has gained the support of the World Government as the legitimate king of the country. Kuma single-handedly destroyed them all, and became the king in NAME after requests from the people, while another person actually ran the country.

- Bonney ate the Toshi Toshi fruit (Age Age fruit) accidentally.

- Bekori survived again, and he was the one who spread rumors about Kuma and addressed him as "Tyrant". Bekori attacked Sorbet Kingdom again and Kuma destroyed them all.

- After that, Kuma started a pirate crew and still has the epithet "Tyrant".

- Dragon told Kuma the location of Vegapunk, which is Egghead Island.

- Kuma and Bonney visited Vegapunk in EggHead.

- Kuma agreed to be the prototype for the clone troopers project (known as Pacifista) in exchange of curing Bonney for free.
Vegapunk decided to name the project "Pacifista" when Kuma said I am a "Peace lover" / "pacifist"

- Meanwhile, Jaygarcia Saturn was eavesdropping on the conversation.

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