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1067 Punk Records
Cover: Caesar and Judge are fighting
-Vegapunk was born a genius but he’s also the user of the Brain Brain fruit which lets him have unlimited storage of knowledge, that’s why he had a massive head
-title is referring to the upper section of Egghead inside the egg, it’s made up of Vegapunk’s brain
-the ancient robot was created back in the void century and 200 years ago it attacked the world government.
-CP0 arrives on Egghead, said they’re here to return Seraphim Kuma but was denied access
-at the end of the chapter, the real Kuma at Kamabakka gets up and starts to run to somewhere


Chapter 1067 - Punk Records
Germa 66's Emotionless Voyage Log, vol. 24 - Who were you again?! Judge vs. Caesar!

What happened to your head?! Didn't you have a head like some kind of oversized lightbulb?
Ah, yes. It grew quite long, so I cut it.
Don't speak of that as lightly as if it was a haircut!
You're right, though. When I met you, my height was already approaching the realm of the giant tribe...!
I had heard rumors that it was enormous...
It was a balloon.
No, the truth is, I have the Nomi Nomi Nomi Nomi Nome... He... gi! (TN: Nomi Nomi fruit is written as nomi nomi nomi, so he's stumbling on the words)
No, the truth is... The Nomi Nomi Fruit makes you a "Brains human"! You can record any kind of knowledge without limit, however... (TN: Nomi from noumiso which means the physical brain)
The size of the brain enlarges in proportion to that volume of data! It's an infinite data bank for the genius intellect I was born with!

Thus it developed into the world's greatest brainpower, and even now it continues its gigantic expansion!
"Even now"?
Where is it then?
That's amazing... Are you skilled at medical science too, Dr. Vegapunk?
Of course!
Eeeeehh? <3
So did you get stupid when you sliced your head, old guy?
Don't underestimate a genius, you!
This apple is... antenna!
Observe the top of this island! "Punk Records" is written on the underside of the giant egg! That is the storage bank for my brain!
Eeeh?! That's way too big!
Even distanced from it, I'm connected via thought waves using this antenna. No problems at all!

You folks must have met a young girl earlier who called herself "Vegapunk," no?
That was my "double." There are six of them on this island!
A ninja?!
They are each former parts of myself, each some kind of important component! Combine them all together and you would just have my individual, personal character, but in terms of labor output they do as much as six people!
What do you mean?!
Once every day, they all use Punk Records to synchronize their experiences and knowledge. Because they all have different personalities and duties, each of their individual experiences are valuable!
(Numbers and names of Vegapunks are listed)
They all use the same brain? The world truly is unfathomable...

Why don't you think of it as if they were all using the same library?
For instance, if everyone in the world became able to access my brain... It would be the same as if all of humanity had obtained my knowledge!
Furthermore, if all of humanity were to update Punk Records together, it would be possible to create a "sea of knowledge" that far surpasses my brain alone!
Someday humanity will be able to share a brain!
You mean you'd be able to study the whole world's medical science?!
Of course!
If ideology is included in the input as well, wouldn't it run into some problems?
You've got good intuition, "Knight of the Sea Jinbe." However, if you get hung up on that you'll never make advances in science. Pepepepepepe!

That's how it is, isn't it? Vegapunk.
If it's in the pursuit of science, you're not afraid to make sacrifices!
And so you heartlessly turned my father into a weapon of war!
Whoa! Stop it, Bonney! That beam saber is a failed product!
Shut up! I tested its sharpness earlier! Return my father to normal!
If your answer is no, then...
Bonney! Think carefully! If you kill that man, you know just what degree of enemies you will make!
Turn that switch off, Bonney!
With that beam on...
You'll attract an enormous amount of bugs!

Hey! Bonney!
It's a giant stag beetle!
Forget about giant stag beetles! Worry about her fainting!
Mmm... No surprise...
It's no surprise... So Bonney wants to kill me...
I was saved by the fact that the weapon she picked up was a failure...
Ah, that reminds me. I heard you were in Wano country until recently...
Is it true that a second dragon similar to Kaidou appeared there?

Oh, you mean Momo!
Seems like that person ate the failed "Devil Fruit" that I left behind in Punk Hazard.
Is that so. Huh? A failure?
I built that "Devil Fruit" artificially. I committed 20 years' worth of an expensive budget towards research on Kaidou's lineage factor.
And yet, it didn't produce a fruit of the same composition.
Oh! So that's how he was able to get like Kaidou! You're wrong, it was a success! He spits fire, and he's strong! Now he's acting as a guardian deity of Wano country!
So you're the one who made that! Awesome!
What color was it?
See! It was a great failure!
That part's not a big deal, right?
I see. A perfectionist genius...!

So what's this robot? Make it move! Did you build this one, old guy?
No, I didn't...! This one is the legendary iron giant that assaulted the holy land Marie Geoise around 200 years ago!
200 years ago?!
And it was created even further back. 900 years ago, in fact!
Eeeeh?! That's gotta be a lie!
While I don't know what its objective was... I've heard there was no real damage due to its shortage of power.
I'm certain the scientists of the day were about as shocked by it as you'd expect. It was far out of place, with how advanced its science was...
No one knows where it came from or what it was trying to do.

It seems the World Government ordered it to be disposed of completely... But there's no way the curiosity of scientists would allow that.
Now it has been passed down until it rests here. Even the government knows nothing of its existence.
It's impressive you found your way here... The entrance to this place from the city should have looked like a simple wall.
I was in a panic, and I was senile too, so...
I wandered in! While being senile!
Sorry to hear that...!
200 years ago... The year there was a movement related to fishman discrimination.
So you're saying that robot scaled the Red Line?!
Most likely...!

I learned from it and tried using that to build Vegaforce 1.
That said, there was a part of it that I was unable to reproduce, even with my scientific ability. It can't be compared to the machine soldiers that were built 900 years ago.
Something even you can't reproduce?!
It's the "power source"...
A level of power that would exceed common sense in the current world... existed in the past.
I'm glad Luffy's group is okay for the time being, but who is that girl?
That's gotta be Jewelry Bonney! She's a pirate!
The shipwrecked one was a little girl though...?!
Also, Vegapunk's head is amazing!
I truly... did something awful to Bonney.
Yeah, that's right, old guy! Bow down and apologize!
What the hell would you know?!

There is something...
...I must give to this girl.
Incidentally... Straw Hat Luffy!
I feel it must be "fate" for you to have come here today.
Would you take me... of this island?
(roaring sounds)
This is Cipher Pol.
We request passage to make port in Egghead.
Disobedient pets...

We've received a witness report of Jewelry Bonney heading for Egghead.
That woman keeps escaping over and over... What an eyesore!
There should be no more use for her. If you see her, erase her...!
Shaka! It's a government ship!
There are pirates here, that's bad!
For some reason, CP0 is here...! Lucci is on the ship!
Should be fine if we hand 'em over! Rob Lucci was an assassin, right?
Eeeeh?! Rob Lucci?! Hey! Let us free as fast as you can!
Noooo! I hate him, did he not give up already?! Don't let him on the island!
Don't worry, Robin-chan! I'll protect you as many times as it takes!

Tell the ship this: "Leave the Seraphim and go home."
Be ready to intercept them! I refuse to allow the World Government into port!
(Grand Line, Kamabakka Kingdom)
Kuma-san is acting strange!
Wait, Kuma-san! The repairs aren't done!
What's going on?
Is it still being controlled by the Navy?!

Kuma-san? Where are you going?!
It still can't even move properly!
Its sense of self should already be gone!
What is happening?
I have no idea!
(panting sounds)
Kuma-san, come back!
Why, Kuma! Where are you going?!
You've gotta be here! This is just the beginning! The Revolutionary Army's only just begun to fight!

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