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Spoilers, thanks to EtenBoby.

- Chapter 1,047: "The capital's sky".
- In the color spread, the Straw Hats are on the beach with dragon Momo
- we get a flashback in Oden burning castle, when Momo decided to travel to the future.
- Luffy uses "Gomu Gomu no Thunder"
- Kaido confirms Roger wasn't a devil fruit user. He also says that "abilities" are not necessary to dominate the world.
- Burning Orochi losses sea stone nail and transforms.
- Luffy creates a massive punch that's bigger than Onigashima's castle to attack Kaido

Break next week for Golden Week in Japan (no Jump next week).
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From Scotch : Next week There is no chapter , but we will get the 1048 chapter spoilers, as well as the possibility of leaking the entire chapter 1048 with translation as well due to the difference in the golden week of this year. 😓😓

More information about this, thanks again to EtenBoby.

redon;4179376 said:
- Kaido confirms Roger wasn't a devil fruit user. He also says that "abilities" are not necessary to dominate the world.

He brings Roger up as an example of his point, "ability" isn't the key to conquest, but haki, "it surpasses all"
Follow by his new attack


Trans by Etenboy

Page 3
Yamato: Make the flame clouds! you can do it Momonosuke!
Momo: Your words change nothing! I can't! It's impossible for me!
I just can't!
(Toki: Momonosuke!! Go! Go with Kin'emon and the other vassels to the future 20 years beyond! And there you will revive the Kozuki clan!
Momonosuke: I can't do it!)

Page 4
(Momo: then...Why don't you come with me? Mother and Hiyori, we'll all...
Kin'emon: Lord Momonosuke!! The one suffering the most right now..Is your mother!!
This is the land of Samurais!! Where disgrace is pay for with lives!!
A woman has spoken her determination yet a man remains in doubts!! My Lord that's a shame no less than being humiliated in public!!
Momo: but I'm just a kid!
Kin'emon: Forgive my bluntness, but with Lord Oden's passing, you're no longer a mere child!
To be honest, I would like you to give us a second chance! At this battle!!
Compare to dying in this flames, I would rather perish while wielding swords for my Lord!
Will you honor us!! With a place to die as samurais?!!)

Page 5
(Toki: Momonosuke...
Momo: mother... mother!! I... I'll be on my way!)
Momo: mother..I have failed her!
No! Don't get close to the capital! Wait! No!!

Page 6
Kaido: so you grabbed thunder, what nonsense worororo
Luffy: Gum gum Thunder!!

Page 7
Kaido: huff that's good, mess around to your heart's content...huff

Page 8
Kaido: "Ability" isn't what it takes to conquer the world!!
Luffy: Gum gum......booft?!!

Page 9
Kaido: Just like how Roger, a non devil fruit user, was able to do great things in the world...
Only Haki!! Exceeds all!!!

Page 10-11
Kaido: Yamantaka* Thunder Bagua!!(大威徳雷鳴八卦)

*The "destroyer/conqueror of death” god in Buddhism. Translated in Japanese as "The one with great power"(大威徳) and also sometimes known as "the one who defeats Enma".

Page 12
Kaido: Let go!! You're just exposing your location!!
Dragon Twister Demolition Breath!!
Is your weakness of being vulnerable to cuts still there?!

Page 13
Citizens: let us set sail!! Towards the ones that have passed!!
Release the sky ships!
Steady course!!
So the festival has reached its end stage... Tomorrow... We'll be back to working as slaves...
Steady course!
Steady course!
I want to live...For another year...

Page 14
Toko: ahahaha!!
Steady course!!
reach my daddy!!

Kaido: let go of me! Get down here already Strawhat!!

Page 15
【Inside the Skull Dome】
Samurais: Boss Hyogoro are you alright?! It seems that Onigashima is going to fall!!
Hyogoro: Hahaha, looks like we have Kaido at a corner then
You guys!! Which one do you prefer?
The Strawhat person successfully defeating Kaido will result in us falling to death!! But if we live! It also means that victory is Kaido's!!
Samurais: I thought you'll have something more challenging to propose!
My kid is in Hakumai
I have a wife waiting in Ringo!
If we win they'll have a happy life ahead of them!! I'm grateful! For the great nation this land will become!

Page 16
Samurais: Mr.Strawhat! Give Kaido all you have!!
Beasts pirates member: Have you samurais gone mad?! You know all of us here will die right?!
Hyogoro: Oh that isn't so bad

Usopp: I don't want to die I don't want to die!!
Damn it all I'll live no matter what! Woah water?!

Page 17
Orochi: it came off! The sea stone nail falls off from some weird rumbling..!!
You bastard!! I'll definitely bring you down with me!
I hope you're watching Oden!! I'll be...Taking your daughter with me!!

Luffy: Hey! Momo!
Momo: Luffy...Huh?!!

Page 18-19
Luffy: I'm going to end it all!!
And Onigashima needs to get out of the way!!
Yamato: he's going to punch through Onigashima!!
Momo: Stop it Luffy!!
Luffy: Momo! I trust you!
Momo: what?!!

Etenboy notes

Kaido is called wisdom king in Wano, befittingly his attacks has been referencing the names of the five wisdom kings of Buddhism.
"Conqueror of Three Worlds" Ragnaraku(Trailokyavijaya)
"Vajra" arrow
"Kundali" Dragon Swarm
"Yamantaka" Thunder Bagua
We're still one attack short of finishing the collection, missing the Acala(immovable wisdom king), the center of the five wisdom kings. Naturally I'd imagine Oda would give Kaido's strongest attack this name.
In conclusion, I think there'll be at least one more chapter of their fight.


-in the cover the intruders was ichigi and reiju
-small flashback
-momonosuke trying to create the fire clouds
-Orochi got his head chopped off by denjiro

confirmed by Redon he also says "something is very vague or not well explained"

From Scotch :
Orochi has not yet been confirmed dead

Ushiromiya Battler

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The entire chapter is a build up to the final page:

The last page contains 3 fronts: the beheading of Orochi by Denjiro, Kaido and Luffy's clash after Momonosuke has moved Onigashima, and Wano's citizens release their lanterns to the night sky.

Furinji Saiga

The One Shadow
- Chapter 1048 : 20 Years
- Momonosuke keeps pushing Onigashima to avoid Luffy's attack.
- Kaidou transforms into a fire dragon, the technique is called "Great Flame Fire Dragon" (or something like that)
- His body touches Onigashima's horn that was still whole and melts it like butter.
- Luffy uses an attack called "Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun" (Monkey God Gun).
- Kaidou uses a new attack called "Shoryu: Kaen Hakke".

- The scene changes to the interior of the castle.
- There the samurai want Kaidou to be defeated.
- Kawamatsu remembers what happened after Oden's execution 20 years ago. A flashback begins.
- Kaido finds out that Oden has a son.
- Kaido goes for Momonosuke and eliminates all the townspeople who stand before him.
- We see how Oden's castle has burned down.

- The Wanokuni Daimyo band together to fight Kaidou and Orochi.
- We see a vignette of each Daimyo, they are Tonoyasu and the 3 samurai that Yamato met in the cave (including Shimotsuki Ushimaru).
- They are all defeated.
- They start enslaving people and the country falls apart.

- Back to the present, Orochi is still on fire.
- He tries to take Komurasaki with him.
- Denjiro arrives and cuts off Orochi's head.
- We see that the wishes of the people are already flying through the sky.
- "May Orochi disappear" or "I want to escape from this hell" are some of them.

- At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Kaido are about to confront their attacks.
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Addition information:
Kaido becomes a fiery dragon using Kaen Daiko.
His body touches the horn of Onigashima's skull dome and it melts.

Clash between Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun and Kaido's Soaring Dragon Kaen Hakke.


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From Redon on PirateKing Forum

- Shoryu : Kaen Hakke (Ascending Dragon : Eight Trigrams Flame) it's a new variant of Raime Hakke (Eight Trigrams Thunder Clap)


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In the chapter there are 2 "confrontations" between Luffy and Kaidou.

- The first occurs before the flashback, just after Kaidou transforms into a giant fire dragon and his body melts Onigashima's horn. Kaidou opens his mouth, Luffy brings his giant fist closer and there is a big clash (without touching). Luffy even closes his eyes and puts his other arm in front of his face to protect himself from the shockwave. In the final vignette of this "confrontation" (before moving on to the part inside the castle) we see Kaidou with his mouth open and Luffy's fist almost touching his teeth.

- The second "confrontation" is on the double page at the end of the chapter. In this case we see him in the distance and it's as if they're both attacking again with the same techniques. Although there is a clash of Conqueror's Haki (as in the first "confrontation") here they don't get that close (Kaidou doesn't even have his mouth open). I understand why the Japanese said "they're about to confront their attacks" because the attacks don't come together as much as in the first "confrontation" and Kaidou and Luffy's faces are very similar to the end of chapter 1047.


Etenboby translation

Page 1
Cover page “The ones in Chocolate Town are probably the Germa!!”

Page 2
Momo: Get Onigashima out of the way?! Luffy wait!! I can’t!!

(Toki: ..20 years from now, you must rebuild the Kozuki clan!!)

Momo: Ahhhhhhhh!!

Page 3
Kaido: I see how it is, I’ll take this head on!
Hey Strawhat …did you know that…
20 years ago!! The hero of this nation, was burned to death!!

Page 4-5
Kaido: “Great Dragon Torch*”!!(火龍大炬)
And since then it has been a land of outlaws!! This is the “hero” they have been waiting for 20 years..!!!
Luffy: Ouch!
Kaido: that’s right let go, I won’t run!!
And you won’t be laying down that right arm of yours, because…
It’s going to be melted and gone!!

*reference to a rakugo called “Fire Drum”(火焔太鼓)

Page 6-7
Luffy: not under my watch!!
“Gum gum…”!!
Kaido: “Rising Dragon…”!!!
(Hyou: what you guys call haki, we here in Wano call it Ryuo)
Luffy: Gramp already taught me a way without touching you!! I will send you straight to the bottom of hell!!
“..Bajrang Gun”!!! (kanjis mean Monkey God Gun)
Kaido: “…Flaming Bagua”!!!

Page 8
Usopp: I’m sorry to have dropped you!! Kin and Kiku!
You’re still breathing right? You mustn’t die!!

Samurai: Please!! Strawhat guy!! Take down Kaido!! You have to!! As long as he’s out of the way…!!

Kawamatsu: Huff huff…all of it won’t end without taking down Kaido!!

(Red Scabbards: Lord Oden!!
Kaidou's subordinates: The vassals have escaped!! Capture every last one of them!!)

Page 9
Kin’emon: run!!!
Lord Oden!!!
Kin’emon: don’t look back!!
Kawamatsu: Lord Oden!!!

Orochi: The Samurais could only be heading to one place..!! To Kuri!!

Kaido: ...

Orochi: The heir!! They’re running to protect Momonosuke!!

Kaido: So he has a kid….I’ll go and settle this..!!

Page 10
Wano citizens: stop! Haven’t you done enough harm to the Kozukis already!!

Kaido: get out of my way!

Orochi: You have permission to shoot whoever dares defying the Shogun!!
What happened to Oden’s wife

Kaidou's subordinates: We have confirmed her death in Bakura town, and she is the only one that managed to get out of the castle

Orochi: With this, we are done with the Kozuki clan!!

Page 11
Orochi: Now, Daimyos! Choose!!
Are you going to help me in making our Wano country a better place, or are you going to fight?!!

Samuari: a foolish question…the answer is clear as day!!!
The Kozuki is our only “Shogun”!! Let us clear up Oden’s regret!!

Page 12
Orochi: Gufufufuhahahaha!!! Muhahaha! You guys are so weak!! And you call yourselves samurais?!
Samurai: Damn it..if he didn’t have Kaido backing him up, who’s scare of that fool of a lord…
Another: shhh! Stop already! Orochi can hear everything, you want Kaido’s army after you?!

Page 13
Kaidou's subordinates: Bring any young man that can work!!
The whole country will be devoted to weapon making!!
Citizen: No please don’t take him!!
Citizen: don’t take my daddy!
Samurai: don’t you take back to me!
Citizens: what’s with the color of the river?!
There’s no drinking water!
We can’t raise crops!
There’s no food either!

Page 14:
Beasts pirate: if you want to live another day, work! Work you trash!!
No help is coming your way! This is an isolated nation!
Samurai: don’t be hasty…winter is coming…a very long one…
Trust Lady Toki and her words
Orochi: look Kaido! Those greedy folks have laid their mouth on SMILE leftovers! Guhahaha!!
That’s right! You all need to follow Ebisu Town’s example! Doesn’t matter if it’s your stomach growling or you family dying!! You’ll all live with a bright smile across your face!
That’s what suits garbages like you!! Gufuhahahaha!!

Page 15
Orochi: bastard!!! Komurasakiii!!! Gufuhaha!! I’ll take you with me!! Don’t underestimate the hatred of Kurozumi!!
Let us drink together in the afterlife!!
Denjiro: what a bedlam..

Page 16-17

Luffy: Ahhhhhhh!!!


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Spoilers by @KaidoBoby confirmed by redon

Chapter 1049: "The world we should aspire to"
- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book
- Kaido flashback time. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, and where a few years later he met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wants to meet him
- In the present, part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one.
- Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.
- In another flashback, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.
- Break next week.


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Question: Did Kaido just decide to invade Wano for no reason and make everyone's life worse?

Leaker's answer: That's not the reason, there's more to that conversation And while it still leaves questions to be answered, this chapter's flashback has explained some of Kaido's ideas and why he is that way.


credit to ivaanom

Flashback to Kaidou as a kid
His country tries to sell him to the marines but he escapes
He rampages in Hachinosu(i think it's blackbeard's island) and Rocks invites him to his crew
Young WB appears
Rocks flashback suddenly ends
Orochi's grandma invites Kaidou
The flashback ends with Kaidou telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.

Back to the inundation

Denjirou hugs Hiyori

Luffy's punch hits Kaidou

Flashback continues

King asks: Who is it then?
Kaidou: The one who will defeat me
King: Then he will not appear

Onigashima falls near the capital
Momo falls

Break next week


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Redons translation

Chapter 1049 : "The world we must aspire to."
- Flashback to Kaido childhood.
- He was sold to the Navy by his country but he escaped.
- Wherever he went he caused a ruckus and was recruited by Rocks.
- A young Shirohige meets him.
(We don't see more about Rocks).

- An old woman (Kurozumi Higurashi) recruits Kaido.
- The flashback ends with King asking Kaidou who Joy Boy is.

- We see what happens inside the castle.
- Denjiro is still hugging Hiyori.
- The clouds of flames disappear.
- Luffy gives Kaidou a powerful punch.

- Back to flashback with King and Kaido
- King's flashback continues: "Who is Joy Boy?"
- Kaidou: "The one who manages to defeat me."

- Onigashima falls near the capital.
- Momonosuke falls to the ground exhausted.


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Additional info by redon:

It's the king of the Vodka Kingdom who sells Kaidou to the Navy for a certain reason (although I can't tell yet, it's clearly stated in the chapter). In fact we see Kaidou in the throne room in chains and being taken away by several Marines. But then he escapes from them.


Ripple Master
- Back to flashback with King and Kaido
- King's flashback continues: "Who is Joy Boy?"
- Kaidou: "The one who manages to defeat me."
- King: Then he will not appear.


The King of Vodka tried to sell Kaido to the Marines in exchange for participating in the Levely.
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