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One Piece Spoiler Archive


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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,026: “Crucial Time" (“天王山” in japanese, it means too “watershed”).

In the cover, Nami and Leo are making a t-shirt for a lion cub who is next to his father (they are Minks). All of them are in a store called “Haute Couture Nami” and the t-shirt design is the lion-sunflower that Bell-mère made for Nami when she was a child (in the clothes she inherited from Nojiko).

Chapter starts in the “Flower Capital”, there people are enjoying the festival. Tenguyama asks Toko if she is having a good time, she says yes while she eats a candy. We see a little flashback of the moment when Tama leaves Wanokuni with Speed in a boat towards Onigashima. Tama tells Tenguyama that she has to go help, although she doesn't know if she will return. Speed says she will protect Tama. Back to the present, Tenguyama wonders if Tama is safe.

The sky in the “Flower Capital” is covered by clouds, so the people at the festival can't see that Onigashima is approaching to the capital.

Cut to Onigashima's rooftop, we see a Mary (a man from Kaidou's army) that is observing the battle and reporting the situation to the rest of his companions. His voice is amplified to be heard throughout the castle.

Mary: "Report about the mysterious dragon!!
Right now on the roof is the wounded young Yamato.
And in the sky there is something incredible... two dragons face to face!!
The blue dragon is Kaidou-sama!!
And pirate “Straw Hat Luffy” is riding a pink dragon!!!"

Yamato looks at Momonosuke as he remembers some words Momonosuke said to him when he was still a child.

Momonosuke: "If only I could turn into a monster like him...
it would be such a help to everyone!!"

The Mary keeps talking, saying that the identity of the pink dragon is unknown but there is no doubt that it is an enemy. We see Queen surprised at the Mary's report.

Queen: "Was Yamato the one who stopped Kaidou-san?"

Back to the battle between dragons. Kaidou opens his mouth and prepares to shoot his “Bolo Breath”. Luffy tells Momonosuke to shoot something from his mouth too but Momonosuke has no idea how to do it. Kaidou finally shoots his “Bolo Breath” and Momonosuke barely manages to dodge it.

Luffy says something to Momonosuke that shocks him (we don't know what) and then jumps towards Kaidou. Luffy blows up his left arm and attacks Kaidou with his “Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun” hitting Kaidou's head (that crashes into the ground). Momonosuke thinks about what Luffy told him.

Luffy: "Hey Momo!!
Bite Kaidou!!"

Momonosuke: "I can't, I can't...!!

Momonosuke remembers Kaidou's assault at Kuri's castle after Oden's death and how Kaidou attacked his mother. That's when Momonosuke musters up enough courage and gives a strong bite at Kaidou's body.

Kaidou: "Uwaaaa!!!"

Kaidou screams in pain, Momonosuke remembers the moment when Kaidou told him that his father was a fool of a lord and bites him harder. However, Kaidou turns around and looks very annoyed at him.

Kaidou: "What do you think you are doing!!!"

Although Momonosuke looks at him with fear, he doesn't stop biting Kaidou.

Momonosuke: "You have destroyed Wanokuni!!
I have to stop you anyway.
My father was...!!
My mother was...!!"

Seeing the situation, Yamato runs off to help Momonosuke. But Luffy arrives first and punches Kaidou in the face.

Luffy: "Well done Momo~~~!!!"

Cut to the treasure room on the 2nd floor. The sky is covered with clouds, so Inuarashi has returned to his normal form and is exhausted.

Jack: "The dragon's called the “thundercloud”...!!
The moon has stopped shining tonight.
Huh... Huh...
... If you had attacked me 1 more time
I wouldn't be able to stand again!!"

Inuarashi: "..."

Nekomamushi is in the same situation as Inuarashi, he has almost no strength. Perospero talks to him while holds a huge candy axe.

Perospero: "Don't you blame the moon...!?
You are out of luck!! Perorin ♪"

Nekomamushi: "..."

Perospero: "My luck is too strong for you, cat boss!!"

Carrot and Wanda watch helplessly.

Carrot: "Master Nekomamushi!!
The “Sulong” has disappeared."

Luffy's voice is heard throughout the castle.

Luffy: "Momo!!"

Samuari: "Uh!? Momonosuke-sama!?"

Luffy: "What you have just bitten is one of the “Yonkou” himself!!
Is there anything in this world that you still need to fear!!?"

Momonosuke: "...!!

Yamato: "..."

Momonosuke: "No!!!"

Luffy: "Go!! You can fly!!"

Momonosuke: "Yes!!"

Luffy: "Stop Onigashima!!"

We can see Zoro and Sanji fighting back to back while they discover the dragon was Momonosuke.

Luffy: "Leave Kaidou to me!!
I will definitely win!!!"

We have now a magnificent double page. In the right part we see a defiant Luffy and Kaidou in dragon form (he's very serious). In the center we see the joy of the samurai alliance at Luffy's words and the news about Momonosuke. We also see the reactions of some characters like Tama, Nami or Franky.

Big Mom: "Ma~~~mamamama!!
Did you hear it!? What a funny guy!!"

Kid: "Of course you have to!"

Law: "What on earth has he been doing?"

Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form and goes after Luffy.

Kaidou: "...
Do you think there still a possibility that you can beat me!?"

Luffy: "As long as I'm alive
the possibility is limitless!!"

Kaidou attacks with his kanabo and Luffy with his fist, both use Color of the Supreme King Haki. There is a massive shockwave of black lightning, but their attacks do not touch (the same that happened with Roger and Shirohige). The impact is so powerful that the clouds begin to separate and the sky splits in two.

The Mary that was observing the battle reports what happened to the entire castle before being knocked out by the Haki. After this, the sky is open and the full moon can be seen clearly again. Jack and Perospero look at the moon in amazement as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into Sulong...

Inuarashi: "What were you saying...!?"

Nekomamushi: "Where is your luck now...?"

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi: "“Oden Ittoryu ”(Oden's One Sword Style)"

Nekomamushi: "“Nikoneko Bam” (Smiling Cat Strike - 猫笑衝突 (ネコニコバーン))"

Inuarashi: "“Inu-spire” (Dog Powerful Cutting Arrow - 犬斬威矢 (イヌスパ イヤー))"

Nekomamushi throws a powerful swipe at Perospero, shattering part of his hat and breaking his candy arm. Inuarashi attacks with his sword-leg like a spear, breaking Jack's belt and piercing his stomach.

Perospero, the eldest child of the Big Mom Pirates, has been defeated. “Jack the Drought”, the All-Star of the Beast Pirates, has been defeated.

A small door opens into the building near where Jack and Inuarashi were fighting. It's Orochi, who has been watching the entire battle in the shadows...

Orochi: "Jack is defeated!?
It has nothing to do with me tho...!!"

End of the chapter, no break next week.
About the title (tennouzan), I have no idea if I'm wrong or there is just communication all over the place. The title is a reference to a war in 16th century. All you have to know is that the title refers to a stage in war from where either the win or defeat is ensured and your fate will be fixed from that point.

1st page:
[Wano Country Flower Capital]
Tenguyama Hitetsu: Are you having fun, o-toko?
O-Toko: yes
Tenguyama: Where are you going o-tama?
Tama: Forgive me, master,

[Page 2]
Tama: but I can't help it.
Speed & others: We'll definitely protect you!!
Tengu: Turn Back
[Flashback ends]
Tengu: .......
Tengu: Is she safe? There's no way to know what's beyond the sea
[Cut to Rooftop]
A merry: I'm reporting on the mysterious dragon! Currently, there is an injured Yamato on the rooftop. And there is an .......unbelievable sight......... in the sky!!

[Page 3]
Merry: There are 2 dragons!! Kaido-sama is blue dragon and pirate "Straw Hat Luffy" is riding on a peach-colored dragon!
[Yamato's flashback]:
Momo: Being such a monster would be of some help to everyone!
[Flashback ends]
Merry: The identity is still unknown.
Queen: Was it Yamato who stopped Kaido-san?
Merry: There is no doubt that he is an enemy!!
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[Page 4]
[Kaido charges up Boro Breath]
Momo: He's gonna do fire breathing.
Luffy: Alright! You also breathe something!
Momo: What? I can't do that!
Kaido: Boro Breath
Momo: Gyaaaaaa [dodges]
Momo: You... You're wrong. I didn't come to fight
Luffy: Oi Momo!
Momo: hm?
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[Page 5]
Momo: Heeeh? Wait Luffy, that's impossible. Impossible!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Elephant
Kaido: !
Luffy: Gun
[Flashback of earlier]
Luffy: Oi Momo! Bite into Kaido!
Momo: That's impossible
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[Page 6]
Momo: Impossible
Momo: I was surrounded...
Some samurai in the castle: It's Kaido! Please run away, Toki-sama!
[Flashback ends]
Momo: Grrr
[Momo bites]
Kaido: Uwaaah!!!
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[Page 7]
[Kaido's Flashback]
Kaido: Your father is a foolish lord.
Momo: waaaaaaaaaa
[Flashback ends]
Momo: [still biting] Grrr
Kaido: What are you doing, you brat?
Momo's inner monologue: My father was... My mother was...
Yamato: Momo, get away/leave
Momo: Yamato!!?
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[Page 8]
Luffy: That's it Momo
[Castle interior, Treasure Room]
(confused about this line due to the blur, but it's basically this:)
Jack: Dragon's thundercloud has blocked the sky. The moon has been blocked now. Huff Huff
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[Page 9]
Jack: If you'd hit me with another blow, I may not be have been able to stand anymore.
Perespero: Don't the blame the moon, will you? You're out of luck!! Perorin
Perespero: My luck was just too strong cat boss (calls him neko oyabun)
Carrot: Nekomamushi boss (calls him dan'na)!! His Tsulong has been disengaged
Samurai (I forgot name lol): Momo!? What? Momonosuke-sama!?
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[Page 10]
You've bitten a "yonko" now. Is there anything in this world that you're still afraid of?
Momo: N..... No!
Luffy: Now go! You can fly!
Momo: Yes
Luffy: Stop Onigashima
Sanji: Did he say "Momo"?
Zoro: Yeah... I can't believe he is that huge dragon now. (i messed up here previously, extremely sorry)
Sanji: No, stupid! (he says: "iye bakana (いやバカな)". this is the best i got, he maybe is trying to imply something else)
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[Page 11]
Luffy: I'll take care of Kaido
Samurai Alliance: We'll definitely win!!!!!!!! Luffytaro-san!! Momonosuke-sama!!
Big Mom: Ma~mamama! Did you hear that? What an interesting man!
Kid: Naturally, we have to win!
Law: Just what the hell is he doing?
Tama: Aniki!! Momo-kun!!
Franky: Gahahaha! Just do it Luffy!
Samurai: Luffy-taro-san!!
Kaido: Do you think there is even a possibility of you defeating me?
Luffy: I'm alive. So there's infinitely many possibility!
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Merry: I'm reporting! The heavens has been cracked! (or: The sky has been split)
Inuarashi: Nothing needs to be said.
Nekomamushi: Now, where is your luck?
Perespero: oh(w)aaa~~
Nekomamushi and Inuarashi: Oden Itoryu (1 sword style)
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[Page 14]
Nekomamushi: (attack name is literally:) Laughing Cat Collision
Inuarashi: (attack name is literally:) Dog's Slashing Arrow
"Big Mom Pirates" 1st son: Perespero has been defeated.
"Beast Pirates" All Star "Jack the Drought" has been defeated.
Inuarashi: Huff Huff
Orochi(thinking to himself): ......
Orochi(thinking to himself): No way... Jack got def.... Whatever, it doesn't matter to me.........

Breakdown of attack names
Neko's: 猫笑衝突 : 猫 (neko: cat) 笑(wara: smile/laugh) 衝突 (shototsu: collision, clash, conflict)
Inu's: 犬斬威矢 : 犬(inu: dog) 斬威 (jamn(g)i: slash. jamn(g)=slash. ee=power) 矢 (ya: arrow


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Summary by redon

- Chapter 1,027: "Danger Beyond Imagination".
- Luffy asks Yamato to help Momonosuke.
- Yamato understands Luffy's intentions, he wants to fight a 1 Vs. 1 with Kaidou.
- Yamato: "Dragons don't fly, they run through the sky grabbing the clouds they create. These clouds are called “Flame Clouds”.
- We see rocks falling from Onigashima. Yamato believes that Kaidou's power is weakening and that his “Flame Clouds” are unstable.
- Momonosuke must create his own “Flame Clouds” to hold Onigashima and prevent that Onigashima falls on the Flower Capital.
- Zoro Vs. King.
- King transforms and attacks both enemies and allies.
- Zoro breaks part of King's mask with an attack called "Ultra Tiger Hunt". We can see part of King's face.
- King takes Zoro out of the castle, he almost fell off the island.
- Zoro: "At least let me die with a sword, or I won't forgive you."
- King: "I won't forgive you either."
- No break next week.


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More details from 5ch (redon summarised):

- Momonosuke creates clouds on his legs, grabs them and thanks to them he can fly.
- These clouds are called "clouds of flames" (Homuragumo).
- Zoro uses the attack "Ultra Tiger Hunt" to stop King (although it is not the 100% correct name, the Japanese who has published the text has misspelled it).
- Then use a 2-sword style attack called “Clearance” to return to the island (he propels himself with it in the air).
- King's attack is called "Tankyudon" (again it is an error of the Japanese who has published the text, it is not exactly called that).
- The Japanese who publishes the text does not know if King uses his hybrid form or not, since he moves at great speed.
- King's skin is a little dark.


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More, thanks to 5ch and Redon

- Zoro meets Franky, who offers his help. Zoro tells him that there is no need and to escape.
- Kaidou's power is weakening and Onigashima may fall.
- Even if he is defeated, Onigashima could fall on the Flower Capital.
- Onigashima has a lot of weapons and gunpowder, therefore it is a huge bomb.
- The only way to stop Onigashima is for Momonosuke to create "clouds of flames" more powerful than Kaidou's.


He who Greets with Fire
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,027: "Danger Beyond Imagination".

In the cover, we see Gol D. Roger running away from a furious lion while he cries with laughter. Roger painted lion's face while it was sleeping. In the background, we can see Shanks and Buggy in the top of a tree, they are still scared by the anger of the lion.

Chapter starts with Nekomamushi, who has returned to his normal form by covering his eyes from the moonlight. Perospero is KO on the ground, Carrot hugs Nekomamushi and Wanda also walks up to him.

Nekomamushi: "Be careful or you will transform into Sulong.
For some reason, the moon showed up again in the sky..."

We can see Onigashima in the sky while the clouds are separating more and more. Yamato and Momonosuke look up at the sky as Luffy and Kaidou are face to face after their collision.

Yamato: "I read it in the journal...!!"
When Roger and Shirohige clashed, the sky also splited!!!"

The impact of Luffy and Kaidou's clash was so powerful that shaked the entire island. We can see some rocks falling inside Onigashima's castle.

Yamato starts bleeding from his head.

Yamato: "Ah...
“Raimei Hakke”...
Although I tried to defend myself against it, it was completely impossible to block all of its power."

Luffy tells Yamato to go help Momonosuke, who is on the edge of the island unable to jump because he doesn't know how to fly yet. Yamato jumps on his head and tells Momonosuke that he is going to help him. Kaidou goes after them.

Kaidou: "Hey Yamato!! Momonosuke...
Where do you think you are going!!!"

Momonosuke freaks out when he sees Kaidou going after them. Then he thinks about the last moment he saw Kinemon before Kaidou attacked him. Momonosuke asks Kinemon for help from within. At that moment Kaidou reaches them but Yamato blocks his attack.

Luffy comes up from behind, stretches his legs and wraps Kaidou's neck with them to stop him.

Luffy: "Yamao!!"

Yamato: "I understand!!
You wanna fight alone, right!!?"

Luffy answers with a smile.

Luffy: "Yes!!!"

Momonosuke finally falls the cliff screaming in fear.

Momonosuke: "Aaaahh, I'm going to die!!!"

Yamato: "Momonosuke-kun!!
Grab the sky!!"

Momonosuke: "Grab!?"

Yamato: "“Dragons” don't fly!!"

Momonosuke: "Huh!?"

Yamato: "Create a cloud.
Grab the cloud!!"

As Yamato says this, we see how Momonosuke creates a cloud next to his claw and then grabs it strongly and propels himself with it.

Yamato: "Walk in the sky!!!
That is what “dragons” do!!!"

Momonosuke: "I'm flying!!!"

Yamato: "These clouds are called “Flame Clouds” (Homuragumo)!!!"

Suddenly, some rocks fall from the bottom of Onigashima. Yamato destroys them without problem. However more and more rocks are falling from the island.

Yamato: "The island is starting to collapse!!!"

Momonosuke: "Huh!!?"

Yamato: "It's not possible...
Kaidou's power... is weakening...!?
“Flame Clouds” are unstable."

Momonosuke: "It's very dangerous!!"

Momonosuke hits the lower area of Onigashima island with his head, but gets nothing.

Momonosuke: "I won't let this dangerous thing reach the “Flower Capital”!!!"

Yamato: "It's impossible, you won't be able to do anything this way Momonosuke-kun!!
We don't have time!!
It's too close!!!
The island will arrive in less than 5 minutes!!"

They both look at Onigashima thinking what to do.

Yamato: "The “Flame Clouds” are disappearing!!
The only way to stop the island is to push it with more powerful “Flame Clouds”!!!"

Momonosuke: "It's crazy!! I can't create something like that!!
I don't have the same strength as Kaidou!!"

Yamato: "You should be able to do it!!"

Yamato says that the situation is worse than he had imagined. If Onigashima lands as Kaidou had planned, there will be many victims in the city.

Yamato: "The worst will happen if Kaidou is defeated.
“Flame Clouds” will disappear and Onigashima will fall down before it reaches the capital!!
There's a massive amount of weapons and explosives in Onigashima!!!
The island itself is a giant bomb!!
If the island falls...!! Enemies and allies will be annihilated!!!"

Momonosuke: "Eh...
Then we need to warn Luffy...!!"

Yamato hits Momonosuke's head with his kanabo.

Yamato: "Idiot!!!"

Momonosuke: "Wah!!"

Yamato: "Luffy is the one carrying everything on his back...!!
Right now he is fighting alone!!!"

As Yamato speaks we see that Luffy and Kaidou are preparing another attack using their Color of the Supreme King Haki.

Yamato: "You can't defeat Kaidou without Luffy!!
So you can't give him more to worry about!!
You must to stop this yourself!!!"

Cut to the “Live Floor” in Onigashima's castle. We can see that King is attacking people all over the floor with cutting wind blades (both samurais and members of the Beast Pirates). Zoro is hit by King's attack, he tries to stop it with his swords but the attack is so powerful that Zoro flies through the wall.

We see that King is transformed into his hybrid form (although it's not confirmed in the chapter). His body remains human form but his arms turn into Pteranodon wings (the ones that he used to attack everyone) and there's a Pteranodon crest on his head.

King's attack has been so strong that Zoro flies through one of the corridors near to the “Live Floor”. Franky is there and manages to stop Zoro and stops his flight. Zoro says King is strong, Franky offers to help but Zoro says he's OK.

On the “Live Floor” we see that Queen is arguing with King.

Queen: "Damn King!!!
Stop with your indiscriminate attacks!!
You almost cut my ass!!"

King: "Too bad I didn't cut your neck."

Queen: "Ahh!!?"

Some Beast Pirates' subordinates speak about King's anger.

Subordinates: "Pirate Hunter Zoro...
he has managed to damage King's mask!!
No surprise he's angry ...
Since no one has ever seen how King is like under his mask!!"

As they say this, we see how King gets closer to Zoro and Franky. Indeed, Zoro has managed to cut one of the spikes of King's mask (the one on the left side).

Zoro: "Franky, it's better you leave this place...!!"

Franky: "Good luck!!"

King jumps and flies at high speed towards Zoro using a new attack.

King: "“Tankyudon” (Vermilion Imperial Bow - 丹弓皇 (タンキュウドン))!!"

Zoro defends himself.

Zoro: "“Santouryuu”...!!
“Tora Gari”!!!"

“Santouryuu: Ul Tora Gari” = Three Swords Style: Ultra Tiger Hunt (三刀流: 極虎狩り (ウルトラがり)).

Zoro stops King's flap and even manages to hit King's head. But King's attack is very powerful and Zoro is thrown away again. This time he goes through several walls and finally he's blown outside of Onigashima's castle. Zoro spits blood from his mouth.

King doesn't stop and attacks Zoro again (Zoro is surprised). The blow takes Zoro off Onigashima Island but Zoro reacts in time and manages to return to the island by propelling himself with a new attack called "Nitouryuu: Clearance/Clear Lance" (Two Swords Style: Celestial Tanuki Spear - 二刀流: 空狸槍 (クリアランス)).

Zoro: "Hah, hah...!!
That was dangerous...!!
At least let me die with a sword...!!
Or I won't forgive you!!!"

King: "I won't forgive you either...!!!"

We can see a close-up of King's face. As we saw before, Zoro's attack managed to hit King's head and broke a piece of his mask, the part above his left eye. We see that King has light colored hair (combed back) and slightly dark skin. It also seems that he has an elaborated mark or tattoo above his eye ...

End of chapter. No break next week.


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Proper translation by redon:

- Chapter 1,028: "Brachiojaurus" (Brachio Snake).
- CP0 and Rob Lucci are near of Onigashima.
- They have 2 missions:

1. If Kaidou losses, Wanokuni will join to World Government.
2. Capture Nico Robin.

- Less than 5 minutes until Onigashima reaches the Flower Capital.
- Yamato, in his animal form, heads to Onigashima to destroy the explosives.
- Sanji Vs. Queen.
- Sanji still feels uncomfortable with his body.
- Towards the end of the chapter, Sanji is captured and several of his bones are broken. However, his body recovers on its own.

- Sanji: "I don't know what's going on ... Have I awakened the same powers as them...?
No!! I don't want to become a monster...!!!"

- At the end of the chapter, Queen attacks Sanji with his sword but it breaks when it touches Sanji's body.
- Break next week.


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From Korean leaker / redon

- 2 more CP0 agents are with Lucci
- The best part of the chapter has been left out by the Korean leaker (to be revealed)
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More details from 5ch confirmed by redon

- Chapter tittle is "Brachiojaurus" (ブラキオ蛇ウルス in japanese).
- Lucci calls the guy with the mask from CP0.
- Lucci says that the World Government will put Wanokuni under its control, implying that it will not be a free affiliation like other countries, it will be a direct imposition.
- One of Queen's attacks reminds one of Kaku.
- Queen's head and tail are separated from his torso like a snake, leaving aside the legs and torso.
- Queen catches Sanji like a snake and crushes his body while Queen tells him to put his special suit.
- Queen has weapons that he can control by voice.
- Sanji escapes from Queen, his body is injured but the fractures heal on their own.


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More from 5ch, translation by ivannom

Queen explains that his torso has a deadly cannonball with voice-recognition. While he was explaining this the voice recognition thing recognizes Queen's voice and... he blows himself.
Sanji manages to escape but he broke his bone.

Then in the Q&A some people ask him about that he doesn't feel pain but the answer is:

A: Sorry, I read this wrong. It hurts him but he can move. He is cut with a sword later but there is no cut, when he receives the damage he only says a little "ouch"


hindsight is 2020
Colour spread info

Nami and Usopp are playing Super Smash Bros

Luffy is Ken
Zoro is Link
Sanji is Inkling
Chopper Unknown
Robin is in demon form but details unknown
Franky is Mario
Brook is Metal Knight

here's your "switch" hint


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Colour spread info

Nami and Usopp are playing Super Smash Bros

Luffy is Ken
Zoro is Link
Sanji is Inkling
Chopper Unknown
Robin is in demon form but details unknown
Franky is Mario
Brook is Metal Knight

here's your "switch" hint


Franky and Brook references are wrong, and Jinbe appears too :)

- Franky is Donkey Kong.
- Brook is dressed with a suit and cape, he also wears a crown.
- Jinbe is Mario from the Super Mario saga (instead of the “M” he wears a “J” on his cap and jumpsuit).
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- The best part of the chapter has been left out by the Korean leaker (to be revealed)
This was referring to the Smash Bros. colour spread.

- One of Queen's attacks reminds one of Kaku.
It's reminscent of this according to the Korean leaker (panel on the right):

- Sanji uses his “Diable Jambe - Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” which burns Queen's stomach.


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Chopper looks like he's dressed in a jumpsuit (he may be from the Donkey Kong series) and Robin looks like Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series.

PS Shounen Jump cover:



He who Greets with Fire
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,028: "Brachiojaurus" (in Japanese “ブラキオ蛇ウルス” that means “Brachio Snake”).

Color Spread is dedicated to videogames with the sentence “This is your STORY”. In the front we can see Nami and Usopp playing like streamers (with headphones and special glasses). In the background we have a videogame screen, the game they are playing is similar to Super Smash Bros. game. The remaining 8 members of the Straw Hat Pirates represent video game characters.

- Luffy: Ken from the Street Fighter saga (with his fists and hair on fire).
- Zoro: Link from The Legend of Zelda saga.
- Sanji: Inkling from Splatoon saga (not 100% sure).
- Chopper: It seems that he is dressed like a monkey (maybe it's related with Donkey Kong).
- Robin: Morrigan from the Darkstalkers saga.
- Franky: Donkey Kong (Chopper may be related with him, not sure).
- Brook: He is dressed with a suit and cape, he also wears a crown (I can't identify the videogame he belongs to).
- Jinbe: Mario from the Super Mario saga (instead of the “M” he wears a “J” on his cap and jumpsuit).

Chapter starts in the “guest room” of Onigashima's castle. There we see that the CP0 members have received a call by Den Den Mushi from a certain person. CP0's boss reports the appearance of another dragon and assumes that it must be related with the fruit that Vegapunk created.

CP0's boss: "“Straw Hat Luffy” was with that dragon
so there is no doubt that this new dragon is Kaidou's enemy."

Mysterious character: "Never mind, both sides are pirates anyway."

CP0's boss gets a little upset.

CP0's boss: "Why did you call for?"

Mysterious character: "We have new orders from “above”.
In the unlikely case that Kaidou loses this war...
the government will move in and will turn Wanokuni into a country under the direct control of the World Government!!
Some ships are heading to Wanokuni... How is the chance of Kaidou's losing?"

As the mysterious character says this, we see that several ships are in the sea near to Wanokuni (where the rocks and giant carps are). Although we cannot see the front of the ships, they don't look like Marine ships (probably all are ships sent by the World Government).

Then we see the CP0's board. The situation has gone from 30,000 members on Kaidou's side Vs. 5,400 members on samurai's side to 12,000 members on Kaidou's side Vs. 8,000 members on samurai's side.

CP0's boss: "This battle has turned into something more interesting than I expected.
But I still can't imagine Kaidou losing...!!"

Mysterious character: "Good.
I will wait for future reports...
There is another order."

We finally discover who is the mysterious person in the other side of the line. He is Rob Lucci, he's in a room with Kaku and Stussy (Kaku is sleeping sitting on a chair). Lucci keeps talking.

Rob Lucci: "The crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates...
Nico Robin!!
She must be caught!!!
It doesn't matter what the result of the battle is.
The existence of that woman will be the “key” for the pirates."

As Lucci says this we see that Robin has already woken up and is fighting alongside Brook as they run through Onigashima's castle.

CP0: "Understood..."

Cut to the lower area of Onigashima Island, only 5 minutes until the island reaches the “Flower Capital”. Monosuke (who is now alone) keeps trying to create big “Flame Clouds” but he's only capable of creating small “Flame Clouds”. He is very nervous and desperate.

We see that Yamato (in his hybrid form) is climbing up to the island ground. In a little flashback we see Yamato told Momonosuke that he was going up to the castle to take care of the bombs. In case Momonosuke fails, without the bombs the damage would be considerably reduced.

When Yamato reaches the top he transforms into his animal form and runs towards the castle. Some of the Heart Pirates look at him shocked.

Cut to the “Live Floor” in Onigashima's castle, Queen (in his hybrid form) and Sanji keep fighting. Quen attacks Sanji with a new attack called “Brypan” (Coming Wind Fist - 風
拳 (ブライパン)) with which he strikes with his claws and attacks with his sword at the same time. Sanji parries and dodges the attacks the best he can.

Queen gets angry and hits Sanji who crashes into some rocks.

Queen: "Get it out!!
The “Germa 66” battle suit!!"

Sanji: "...!!"

Chopper: "Sanji!!"

Queen: "You used it when you fought King right!?
The battle suit!!
I saw that it made you disappeared!! Is that Judge's scientific power!?"

Sanji gets up without paying any attention to Queen, he still thinks to himself that he really feels something is off with his body.

Sanji: "Stop talking about others' family without knowing their private situations!!!
I don't even consider Germa my family!!
I'm not going to wear the suit, especially if that's what you want!!"

Queen gets tired and shoots his “Black Coffee” attack. Sanji jumps and dodges it, then attacks Queen with his “Diable Jambe - Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” which burns Queen's stomach and send him flying.

Queen stands up and transforms into his animal form. Sanji wonders what he must do to damage Queen since dinosaurs are very tough.

Queen: "That was a good kick.
Well, let me show you the true power of a “dinosaur" without modification.
Behold the power of the creatures that used to rule the world 100 million years ago.
The power of kings!!!"

Queen then stretches his body, tail and neck. Then he hits a wall with his tail.

Queen: "“Brachiojaurus” (Brachio Snake - ブラキオ蛇ウルス)!!!"

Queen's neck and tail shoot out from his body, leaving his legs and torso behind. Everyone present in the Live Floor (Izou, Marco, Kawamatsu, Chopper, Hyo, the Yakuza...) are shocked. They put "Enel's face" when they see what Queen has done.

All: "Ehhh!!?
What kind of mechanism is that!?"

Sanji: "Ehhh!!?"

Queen catches Sanji and strangles him with his body like a giant snake.

Queen: "Wahahaha!!
This is what a brachiosaurus does*!!
Nobody has managed to escape from my “Brachiotoguros”!!!"

*Translation note: It is the same phrase that Sasaki said to Franky.

Sanji screams in pain, the samurai don't know what to do to help him.

Queen: "Even those with powerful “Color of Arms Haki”
are crushed with this attack that destroys bones and organs!!
Come on, show me the power the Germa!!"

Sanji: "I refuse...

Suddenly, we see that some rockets come out of Queen's torso (specifically, they come out of his back).

Queen: "Look at that!!
Normally brachiosaurus' bodies are useless
because they are basically snakes with legs!!
But I'm a scientist!!
I have equipped the torso with my “Brachio Launchers”!!
If I say its name, the launcher will sho..."

Suddenly, the “Brachio Launchers” shoot out and hit Queen. Queen has said “Brachio Launchers” while he explained it to Sanji, so the missiles have been fired thinking it was an order.

Queen: "Uahh!!!"

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen speaks to his torso.

Queen: "Idiot!!!
I said “Brachio Launchers” because I was explaining the attack...

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen said again the name of the attack, so the missiles are fired at him again. After the 2nd self-attack, Queen ends up releasing Sanji. Queen says that all Sanji's bones should be broken so he won't be able to get up.

However Sanji gets up, his left leg is broken in several parts and his back is also affected (he walks like a zombie).

Chopper: "Huh!?
What's the matter Sanji?
Are you okay!?"

Sanji: "That... hurt...
But somehow I can move normally...!!"

Chopper: "Sanji!!!
Have you turned into a zombie!?"

Samuari: "Your entire body is broken, Sangoro-san!!"

Suddenly, all Sanji's bones snap back into place.

Sanji: "What's wrong with my body...!!
Could it be that my power is awakening?
The same power they have?"

Sanji thinks about this as he remembers a scene from his past where he punched Ichiji's face. While Sanji is distracted, Queen returns to his hybrid form and attacks Sanji from behind with his sword.

Queen: "Damn brat!!!"

Chopper: "Sanji!! At your back!!"

Queen hits Sanji's neck and part of his face with his sword but the sword breaks into pieces when contacted with Sanji's body.

Sanji: "That hurts."

Sanji is very angry.

Sanji: "I refuse!!
I don't wanna turn into monsters like them...!!!"

Queen is shocked.

Queen: "What...!?"

End of chapter, break next week.
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