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One Piece Spoiler Archive


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Redon translation

Chapter 1.015: "Chains".
- The chapter begins with the reaction of Luffy's allies upon learning of his defeat.
- Samurai: "Is it useless to continue fighting? Is Momonosuke-sama safe?"
- Queen says he was playing with Chopper.
- Perospero launches a new arrow attack.
- Sanji appears and attacks Queen and Perospero (what is seen in the image).
- Sanji Vs. Queen.
- We passed Kaidou and Kinemon.
- Momonosuke informs everyone through the frog Mary that Luffy is alive (it is the voice he heard in the previous chapter).
- Shinobu and Momonosuke escape from Kaidou, who continues to chase them.
- Luffy is rescued (leaker does not say how).
- Something like Zeus talks to Nami.
- Kid and Law Vs. Big Mom.
Yamato: "Kaidou !!
Kaidou:" Call me "father" ... Yamato !! "
Yamato:" I'm here to break this chain that binds me to you !!! "


The Hunter
The Chapter starts with the reaction of people around Onigashima reacting to Luffy's news. Some are in denial, a lot of them are asking the question, if the fight still makes sense.

The Ex-Beast pirates, who switched sides due to Chopper helping them, are lamenting that Kaidou is too strong.

We switch to Queen vs Chopper. Chopper is in a bad state and Queen mocks him ("I was only playing with you, because you were so determined!").

Then Perospero attacks Chopper with his candy arrows, while Queen also launches a new attack.

That's when Sanji appears with a Diable Jambe and saves Chopper (side note: Sanji is still carrying Zoro around).

It now looks like Sanji vs Queen is about to start.

We switch to Kaidou and Kinemon (no word about Kinemon from the leaker).

Momo is reporting to everyone on Onigashima (through the maries), that Luffy survived (Momo is hearing voices).

Shinobu and Momo start running away from Kaidou.

Luffy is recued by someone (leaker doesn't want to give a hint, looks like it's a pretty big/shocking reveal).

We skip to Nami. Her clima tact suddenly has a face and is talking to Nami. It seems to be Zeus, who made it in there in time.

We switch to Kidd, who faces off against Big Mom and Law has appeared there, too. It looks like Kidd & Law vs Big Mom.

Then we get to the final pages.

Yamato has stopped Kaido from chasing Shinobu and Momonosuke.

Yamato: "Kaidou!"

Kaidou: "Call me "father"!"

Yamato: "I came here to break that chain!!"

No break next week.

Furinji Saiga

The One Shadow
From Korean Leaker
상디 "디아블 장브 로○○○, 스트라이크" to 퀸, 페로스페로 (해당 이미지)

Sanji use Diable Jambe .... Strike, it could be Collier/Flatchet/Crosse Strike

And more information from Redon in ArlongPark Forums
- Chopper is quite hurt, Queen says he was playing with Chopper because he saw he was very determined to beat him.
- Perospero launches a new arrow attack at Chopper, Queen also launches a new attack.
- Sanji appears using his Diable Jambe and attacks Queen and Perospero.
- We moved to Nami, it seems that her Clima Tact has come out a face of Zeus


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Luffy is the voice Momo hears. He says to him 'Tell everyone, I'll definitely defeat Kaidou'
The ones who save Luffy are Law's crew.
And Law and Kidd makes a temporary alliance


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From redon

- Sanji's attack makes Queen's neck twist and hit Perospero.
- Law says that after spending a long time with Luffy, he wants to believe in him.
- Kinemon is still alive and tries to keep fighting, but is stabbed in the abdomen by Kaidou while telling him to die as a warrior.


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- Perospero uses an attack called "End of the Rain (Rain of Arrows)" or something like that (終末の雨 (キャンディシャワー)).
- Chopper's task is to now heal Zoro.


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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,015: "Chains" (the kanji is 縁 which means "bond" but it's read as “kusari” (くさり) that means "chains").

In the cover, Señor Pink is being carried like a baby by a stork.

Chapter starts with Luffy sinking in the sea. Cut at the “Live Floor”, Chopper is being bitten by Queen. Chopper is crying after hearing the Luffy lost, we also see the reactions of samurai and the minks. All of them are shocked and begin to lose the will to fight. Briscola mocks of them, saying Kaidou is too strong.

Cut to Sanji’s group with Zoro, Izou and Kawamatsu. While Sanji is swinging Zoro around to hit Kaidou’s men, Izou and Kawamatsu mention how the information is successfully discouraging their side although they have no idea whether it’s true or not.

Cut back to the “Live Floor”, Queen says he’s done playing with Chopper. Perospero uses a new attack called "Candy Shower" (kanji is "Shumatsu no Ame" (Ending Rain)) shooting a huge amount of candy arrows at everyone in the room.

Queen attacks Chopper at the same time. Some sharp mechanical fangs grows from Queen's teeth. Suddenly, Sanji enters and kicks Queen’s face with his "Diable Jambe", breaking all the fangs in Queen's mouth.

In an amazing double page, Sanji uses a new attack called “Rotisserie” to spin Queen’s neck around his body. This spin blocks all of Perospero’s arrows (that now hurt Queen) and finally Queen hits Perospero unintentionally, blowing him away.

Sanji complements Chopper for holding himself against Queen until now. Chopper is crying that Luffy loses.

Sanji: "Stop crying idiot! You don’t remember how many times we saw “miracles” happen?"

Sanji then gives Zoro to Chopper (well, Sanji kicks Zoro to Chopper).

Sanji: "When this guy will be healed, he might worth around 10 men."

Zoro wakes up after hearing Sanji.

Zoro: "I'm worth 2,000 men!!"

Sanji: "Leave this dinosaur to me."

Queen: "Judge’s son!!"

People are confused why Sanji hasn’t lost the will to fight.

Marco: "That’s why I like you guys!!"

Cut to the 1st floor roof, we can see Kiku and Kanjuurou in the ground. Momonosuke and Shinobu are running away. Kaidou is about to follow them but he’s stabbed in the leg by Kinemon, whose head is all bloodied.

Flashback to when Kinemon decided he has to act as Momonosuke’s father to conceal his true identity. We can see he had troubles saying Momonosuke’s name without adding "-sama" at the end (Raizou laughed at him). But they both practiced together until they can casually call each other "father" and "son".

Back to the present. Kaidou asks Kinemon what is the point of this struggling. He should just accept his defeat and die like a warrior. Kaidou then grabs a katana (it seems is Kiku's sword or the one that fake Oden used to stab Kiku) and stabs Kinemon, piercing his back and his abdomen.

Cut to Momonosuke, he is carrying the frog "Mary" from last chapter with him. It is revealed that the voice Momonosuke heard was Luffy’s voice, and Luffy asked him to tell everyone something. Momonosuke then uses the frog to broadcast his voice around Onigashima.

Momonosuke: "This is Momonosuke! I am relaying Luffy’s message to you all.
Luffy is still alive and he said he will definitely come back!! So please keep on fighting!
I know it’s hard and painful but please fight!!"

As Momonosuke says these words, we see the reaction of some characters when hearing him. We see Hyo with one of the Yakuza bosses, Yamato, Raizou fighting Fukurokuju and Jinbe smiling. We also see that Luffy talked to Momonosuke unconsciously while he was sinking, becouse his eyes are shaded in black. Momonosuke ends.

Momonosuke: "Luffy will definitely win!!!"

After Momonosuke's final words, we see in another impressive double page how all the samurais and their allies regain their will to fight (and Sanji fighting Queen in the background). We see Franky smiling, Chopper crying with joy, Brook and Robin confident in their fight, and Kid smiling too. We also see Who's Who angry and King looking at everyone.

Kaidou catches up with Momonosuke and Shinobu and corners them against the rocks at the edge of the island. Shinobu uses her "Juku Juku no Jutsu" and destroys the rocks, causing both her and Momonosuke to fall off the island while Kaidou watches them.

Cut now to the sea, Luffy was founded by Law's crew. It seems they also hear Luffy's voice so that's why they manage to find him.

Cut to Nami, Usopp, and Tama, they are running down a castle hallway. Nami observes her Clima-Tact, we see that a face has appeared in the center of the weapon and starts talking to her. The face is Zeus' face, who has somehow survived Big Mom and now has "fused" with Nami's Clima-Tact.

Cut to Big Mom Vs. Kid, Law arrives before Kid and Big Mom. Law says that after he's been with Luffy for a long time, strangely he now feels that they can count on Luffy to do something.

Kid: "Trafalgar!! Are you getting in my way!!?"

Law: "Grow up, Eustass-ya... Let's start a temporary alliance!!"

Cut to Kaidou, he's still outside of Onigashima's dome. Suddenly, Yamato appears on top of the dome and shouts down at Kaidou.

Yamato: "Kaidou!!"

Kaidou: "You are supposed to call me "father", Yamato...!!"

Yamato: "I'm here to cut my bond with you!!!"

End of chapter.


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Thanks to Redon in ArlongPark Forums

- Chapter 1.016 : "Here Tama !!"
- According to CP0, after the change of sides of the Pleasures and the Waiters, the battle is left in 20,000 members on the side of Kaidou Vs. 7,000 warriors on the part of the samurai.
- Nami Vs. Ulti. Nami wins thanks to Zeus.
- Usopp catches Bao Huang and tells Tama to speak to the entire island for the Marys.
- Yamato vs Kaidou at the end of the chapter.
- Yamato: "I'm going to sail to sea with Luffy! But before that, let's kick you out of Wanokuni first !!"
- Kaidou: "Don't think I'm going to hold back, Yamato !!"


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More by redon

- Zeus asks Nami to give him a new name.
- Ulti dodges Nami's attack, but thanks to Zeus, the attack chases Ulti.
- It seems there is a reason why Kaidou is in Wano Kuni.
- Yamato says that she cannot defeat Kaidou but will fight him until Luffy returns.


hindsight is 2020
- The part of Kaidou vs Yamato is 2 pages.
- Besides that and Nami's part, the rest of the chapter is people commenting on how the battle is going.
- The title of the chapter seems to refer to the first sentence that Tama says when speaking to the entire island.
- Zeus asks Nami to give him a new name. Nami calls him “Wata” (cotton) but Zeus doesn't like it and keeps calling himself Zeus


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Title: I'm O-Tama / O-Tama here

- Chapter is only 15 pages (2 less than normal).
- Usopp catches Bao Huang with his "Midori Boshi: Devil" (Green Star: Devil).
- Yamato and Kaido are on the roof of the dome.
- Kaido transforms into a dragon to climb up and then uses his hybrid form.
- The final clash is a Haki clash between them.
- There's black lightning from the clash.


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Real Korean spoiler below. Mostly stuff we already know so adding just the new pieces of info (Big mum pirate/Luffy stuff was fake).

- At the beginning of the chapter there is a scene with Hitetsu with Toko in the “Fire Festival” of the “Capital of Flowers”.
- CP0 comments that the battle has gone from 24,000 on the side of Kaidou Vs. 3,000 by the samurai, to 20,000 Vs. 7,000 due to the change of side of the Pleasures and the Waiters to the side of the samurai.
- Zeus explains to Nami that when he and the tip of the Clima-Tact were bitten by Hera, their soul was pushed / merged into the Clima-Tact.
- Ulti attacks Usopp and grabs Tama (who was with him). Usopp then gets Ulti to release Tama with an attack, at which point Nami defeats Ulti.
- Bao Huang is shocked to see the defeat of Ulti that announces it inadvertently to the entire island.



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Full summary, chapter of 15 pages, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,016: "It's Otama!!".

In the cover, ninja Zoro and ninja cat are hiding in the ceiling and they almost getting pierced by spears from below.

Chapter starts at the “Flower Capital”. We can see that Tengu Hitetsu is walking in the “Fire Festival” with Toko. Hitetsu explains how the “Fire Festival” is held for the dead. Toko asks whether her father is watching the festival too and Hitetsu says yes, Yasuie is watching over them and the future of Wanokuni as well.

Cut to CP0, they are analyzing the battle in Onigashima. Numbers was 24,000 from Kaidou's side Vs. 3,000 from samurai's side, but since the Pleasures and Waiters at the “Main Hall” switched their side, the numbers are now 20,000 warriors in Kaidou's side Vs. 7,000 warriors in samurai's side.

CP0 is surprised that the situation is becoming more and more unpredictable, then they receive information that Momonosuke has fallen off the island. If this information is announced, everything will fall in Kaidou's favor again.

Cut to Bao Huang, she prepares to make another announcement to all Onigashima.

Cut now to Nami, Usopp, Tama group. When the Clima-Tact starts talking, Usopp says maybe he's a genius and designed it this way by accident. Zeus explains that when he and then tip of Clima-Tact were bitten by Hera, his soul was pushed into the Clima-Tact. So now he is reborn in the weapon and the Clima-Tact can talk and change its shape by itself.

They finally reach the balcony at the Main Stage and see Bao Huang about to make the announcement. But suddenly, Usopp is knocked down by Ulti, who has been following them. Ulti catches Tama in her hand.

Nami attacks Ulti. Suddenly her Clima-Tact changes shape into spiked ball and hits Ulti's head. Zeus explains that Ulti's skin may be tough but her insides is in bad shape because of Big Mom's attack. If they manage to hit her with Big Mom's "Raitei" (Thunder) one more time, it should be enough to finish Ulti off.

But Nami can't use it because Tama is still in Ulti's hand. Suddenly, Usopp shoots his “Midori Boshi: Sargasso” (Green Star: Sargasso) at Ulti, which immediately grows and makes her let go of Tama by surprise.

Nami produces Zeus in cloud form again, but he says he isn't Zeus anymore so Nami should give him a new name.

Nami: "It's yur turn, "Wata" (Cotton)!!"

Apparently, the name is so lame that Zeus immediately ignores it.

Zeus: "I am Zeus! Nami's right hand!! Prepare yourself!!"

Nami then uses "Raitei" (Thunder) to attack her but Ulti manages to dodge it. However Zeus controls the lighting to follow Ulti and hit her at full force. Ulti falls to the ground.

Bao Huang is shocked and screams how Ulti and Page One are both defeated without realizing that her announcement mode is still on, so the whole island hears it. Usopp realizes Boa Huang's ability so he uses his “Midori Boshi: Devil” (Green Star: Devil) to catch her and tells Tama to make an announcement to the entire island.

Tama: "Thi....This is Tama!!"

Cut to Kaidou and Yamato. Kaidou flies up to the top of the dome in dragon form, then he changes to hybrid form. Kaidou mocks Yamato saying that both Luffy and Momonosuke are dead and Yamato can't protect them. Kaidou then asks if Yamato is planning to run away now that got rid of the handcuff.

Yamato: "I'm going out to the sea with Luffy! But before that we will kick you out of Wanokuni first!!"

Kaidou says he doesn't randomly chooses where he wants to stay. He chooses to stay here because it's Wanokuni.

Kaidou: "You have no chance of winning against me. Become the Shogun of Wanokuni, Yamato!!"

Yamato: "I know I can't win against you, but Luffy is the man Kouzuki Oden is waiting for! I will hold you back until he returns!!"

Kaidou: "Don't think I'm gonna go easy on you, Yamato!!"

Kaidou attacks, Yamato attacks too. Their kanabo clash and there is black thunder exploding from the impact...

End of chapter. Break next week.
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