One Piece: Onigashima Size and Calcs.

Thank you to @God Movement for doing this two calcs for us.

First one:

Spoiler: First Onigashima Size calc
I tried something else

Ok I have this.

28px = 42.1m (Height of Sunny's Mast)
103px = 155m (branch)
21px (background) = 155m (branch)
118px = 871m (Skull Eye Width)

26px = 871m (Eye Width)
337px = 11289m (Island Width)
30px = 1005m (Horn Width)
269px = 9011m (Skull Width)
166px = 5561m (Horn length)

If you doubt the size of the tree branches just look here.

They are big even in comparison to the ships. This is contingent on how far in the background you think those trees are in comparison to the skull.

@B Rabbit

If this isn't sufficient I have one more idea

And the second:

Spoiler: Onigashima 2
One more, this time by eliminating the foreground problem. The rocks are generally a fair width.

28px = 42.1m (Height of Sunny's Mast)
103px = 155m (branch)
21px (background) = 155m (branch)
97px (background) = 715m (rock width)

32px = 715m
728px = 16266m

337px = 16266m (Island Width)
30px = 1448m (Horn Width)
269px = 12984m (Skull Width)
166px = 8012m (Horn length)

There you have it.
It's about the size as it should be. 3 or 5 km is way too small. We really just need to for Oda's specifically really look for different ways to scale. It's hard to believe every island is 5km island with all the lore population and locations on it.


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If you care to know

Rock width as calculated before - 715m

21.4px = 715m
120.2px = 4016m

Unless I'm missing something it looks like the exact rock that was knocked off the size of Oni Island.

Context: According to this old Marineford calc it might be bigger than Marineford.
Adding more.

Here is Law's attack from GM @B Rabbit
About this calculation. The difference in distance between the Eye of the Skull and Sunny's Mast makes it such that objects can look bigger the closer they are to the screen, or POV.

But then again, so are the stairs that are leading into the skull's mouth for some reason.

Now, about the bottom half of the island that is currently floating in the panel, would it be the same thickness/height as the top half of the island?

God Movement

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I think this is better for Oni Island. It's pretty flat.

26.6px = 871m
25px = 818m
342px = 11198.57m
118px = 3863.8m

Smaller than before, but IMO more accurate.

God Movement

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107px = 5599m (half of Oni Island)
508px = 26582m (width of Big Mom's explosion)
499px = 26111m (height of Big Mom's explosion)

Approximate size of Law's hole (based on projected explosion width)

477.6px = 26582m (width of Big Mom's explosion)
208.6px = 11610m (size of the hole Law created)
Depends on what chapters you got the main scaling images from.

I'll take a look and read the specific chapters (lol reading the entire series for a single feat) if you can point them out.
I got 107 gigatons on a rough calc I did on the other forum. Going to let the OBD regulars tear it up and then I'll post here with a full revised non chicken scratch.
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