Prediction One Piece Chapter 1057 Prediction/Discussion Thread


yes they do but will still fail and get under the strongest subordinate who will have no captain above him not named luffy:smugbo

And when luffy dies , zoro become World strongest man :bury
He will never be as strong as preskip Urogue... He should stick to the WSS thing that has under 10 participants. :)


Probably higher than a kite
I told you TDA and this Redon guy are useless, coulda had more fun with fake spoilers then a fucking hint on Tuesday.


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She said I’m going to Luffy and live like Oden

Oda knew what he was doing and chose his words carefully, this time around Yamato never talks about sailing with Luffy but instead about making up her mind and going to see Luffy and co (which we now know is to say bye)

Yamato: "Well, I've made up my mind, guess I'll go to Luffy and his crew"

Then "I'm going to live the way Kozuki Oden did" (staying and exploring Wano)


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It’s Hiyori closing the act. Tf. Why would you think Hancock would matter in the literal last chapter of this arc
They will show what happened to Boa Hancock, everyone knows the act will end as it is already leaked so giving a hint about already leaked stuff makes no sense.


Boa Hancock chapter?

Boa sisters days are numbered..

Coby will have better feats than GB :2monkas

The new Era is here! :blessed Coby>>>
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