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Little spoiler script by Battle Franky from AP. :amuse

The last frame

Where Duval removes his mask for Luffy

Luffy [Oh... you're]

デュバル「俺を知ってるよな」 終わり 
Duval [So you know me] End.

O yeah and we don't get to see Duval's face this chapter.
From MH:


page 1 (cover): "I know"
cover story: Save Rob Lucci

page 2
Rider A: I'm going underwater
Rider B: Roger that
Chopper: huh?
(Luffy is sinking)
Chopper: Luffy~!
Brook: Luffy san!?

page 3
Hachi: Nyuu! I'm freed from my ropes and the cell! Thanks Roronoa, you're a nice guy!
Zorro: It's the captain's orders, fool.
Marco: Crap!! Hachi!
Camie: Hacchin!
Pappag: Hachi!
Hachi (facing Marco): Just because I can't move this time around, you've been jacking me around....

page 4
Hachi: I've beaten you up with my 6 sword style
Zorro: I don't recalled taking a SINGLE hit!!
Hachi: Nyu? Really?
Flyingfish Rider: Guwa!
Usopp?: Take that!

page 5
(Looks like Luffy and Sanji do a combination attack)

page 6
Rider C: I'll stab you!
Brook: "Sleeping Song" Fran! (Flan? Fran? I don't know french

page 7
(Brook's move puts them to sleep)
Brook: Yohohoho music is Power.
Brook: Excuse me! (slashes them)
Riders: Nooo!! I was asleep!

page 8
Luffy: Not bad Brook! This is getting fun, I'm going in too!
Nami: Hey! Luffy, not again!
Luffy: Gotcha! Don't dare go under water on me now!! Hey...?
Rider: zzzzz....
Luffy: !? He's asleep!!
Luffy: Hey you guys! Wake UP! (crashes)
Rider: That bastard crashed into Head's room!

page 9
Luffy: Huh!?
(Duval picks up his dropped mask, and puts on)
Duval: You saw, didn't you?
Luffy: Ahh!!! It's YOU!?
Duval: You know me.... don't you!?
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