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Chapter 453 - Aa! Aa! Aa! Aa! Aa!

Wow, that was some damn fine artwork and animation, especially at the end! Robin's "Wing" was spectacular. Glad Toei did it some justice. Good job guys. The art was excellent. I even liked how they drew Nami and Chopper. Very Oda looking.

They used some Movie 9 music in this.

One of the most hillarious endings ever too! I laughed my ass off.
Pictures :

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movie 9 animation? outstanding.

also, people at arlong park said brook falling was amazing, tho i can't recall what that was.

we'll hafta see. noice to hear of an epic episode, as if the past couple weren't sweet enough.
just watched it and didn't find it that good :/ not even brooks reappearance entertained me much (maybe because I read the manga chapter already). best part was when Robin jumped off Franky's head.
Thanks for the RAW guys!

I found the episode amazing. Animation was great, especially loved absolom blasting dogpen with "the force" away.
FINALLY. robin uses her power ALMOST to it's potential. xD

she never does. she could own so much. that said, AWESOME episode, franky and robin are so kewl.
Episode was pretty good, especially loved the Art and Animation (Nami + Robin looked perfect)

Oh, and Brooke owns. His VA is epic.
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