One Piece 1062 Spoiler Thread


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As per normal, please don't post babelfish/google translations.
If you are unsure about how valid the spoiler is, post it in the predictions thread while we check sources etc. Lastly do not post any links from illegal sources.

Disclaimer: Fanverse does not create or play any role in the creation of the spoilers. Any spoilers content is found and comes from sources on the internet - open information- and posted here for the sole purpose of generating discussion.

I've been pretty lax about cats posting non spoilers in here but it seems like it's beginning to be a growing habit for the past couple of weeks so that on sight discretion rule is gonna be changed to a zero tolerance policy. So post in here at your own risk. That is all.

For all predictions, discussion, and commentary, post in the Chapter Prediction/Discussion Thread.
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