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OL Convo #8: Welcome to the Great Purge: Collision Course


of infinite solutions
1. The ride went smoothly and he's enjoying it.
2. Got rob and beaten up. He's now hungry and cold.
3. He's banging her.
4. Got taken into a rainforest and he meet a lion.
You could create a game using OL users name along with combinations of possibilities and dice rolls for the what happens to them. :ryuukoaww


Balls Breaking Champion
Sanji still has a long way to go for recovery. This past chapter was good......but everything else post time skip has been majority character flanderization and assassination.
but still ..there is more to come ..we still have observation upgrades to fill in..new speed now power in base form, still rs upgrade and development , Lunarian links still possible, and more ...xd
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