ok wtf? how many oro's are there?


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Ok wait im a little confused. Oro just popped out of Sasukes mouth lask week. But a few chapters back didnt Kabuto say something about having Oro's power also? SO Oro is a spirit now?
oro's spirit was trapped inside of sasuke ok? that was in the manga try reading it more carefully. and oro's DNA or cells are inside of kabuto ok? its not that confusing actually
He said he had part of Oro not himself as a whole plus dont you remember when Sasuke beat Oro he kept him sealed or surpressed in his conscience
There's only Kabuoro, and the oro in Sasuke(but not anymore)

That's all. and the oro in kabuto is just the cells takeing over. I personally doubt he will fully manifest into the Oro we know
Just one, the one that was inside of Sasuke until last chapter is the real Oro.

Kabuto's "Oro" like a chinese knock off from a street market.
There is only one Oro, Sasuke "had" Oro's soul or mind and Kabuto has Oro's DNA from what I remember. I might have them backwards im not quite sure, its been a while since ove read that chapter.
Kabuto inserted part of the White Snake into his own body, making him into Kabuchimaru and the representative of Orochimaru's physical form. Sasuke trapped Orochimaru's mind/soul in the alternate dimension, allowing him to hold the representative of Orochimaru's mental/spiritual form. However, it seems that Susanoo's gourd now holds Orochimaru's mental/spiritual form.
Oro is still inside Sasuke. All that is inside kabuto as far as we know is DNA of oro. Oros soul exist in a dimension within sasuke now and is stuck on a genjutsu loop (not that he wasn't loopy before that :p ) from itachis genjutsu sword.
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