Ohh so thats why he licked the blood.


When we see the panel where hidan licks the blood we see asuma preform the katon jutsu. THen we see asuma get burnt for no apparent reason.

During The Rockman.exe series when saito and netto's DNA was 100% syncro It made Them feel each other's pain. THat is why his dad made Saito's dna .00001% different from netto's

I think its the same concept where hidan licks the DNA(blood) of asuma and probably copys his DNA, Thats why he turned black.
without actucally damaging asuma, he damages asuma.

Its like Whenever Hidan gets hurt one place, Asuma gets hurt at that place too.
Well I thought it was obvious that he uses the blood to transfer damage between both of them(it reminds me of Ino's ability except without the suckage), but in terms of DNA, I don't think that's what he's doing. It seems more along the lines of simply a blood contract like for Kuchiyose.
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