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Official: We waited 2,766 days for this wrestling thread


A wild romantic rover
lol Holy Schnikes is WWE going to buy AWA trademarks along wth International Wrestling? Quick read cashflow is good q/q but it pays like almost nothing in dividend.


So who's betting on them giving Big E a decent run before shitting on it in the end by having him get squashed to lose the title like Kofi and Bianca


I don’t expect a good run. Big E didn’t earn the title on his current form. It is not like he was hot or fans were chanting his name every week. Boston made it clear during the opening segment. They actually preferred the idea of Randy Orton beating Bobby Lashley.

Big E got a lifetime achievement award last night.


Disappointing ratings for Raw. But they are going to lose to Dynamite every week now that the NFL is back.

they can enjoy smashing Rampage every week I guess. :hm


Are you playing on PC?
Sorry for the late reply, but on the PS4 via complentary code since my CE is delayed at bit for the PS5. Liking the system, sad they took out multiplayer but getting used to the combat system.

Back to wrestling, saw the highlights for Raw. So the main take away is that Big E was given the green light to hold major gold. Cool but hopefully creative and Vince has a long term plan instead of this being a reactory moment.

Watched both Darks, they seem to see something in Blue as she was given a bit of offense on Nyla Rose and also an entrance.


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Not sure who these two are but they are entertaining, I’m really digging seeing all these new people I never heard of before and them not being goofy.
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