Official: We acknowledge our tribal chief's 1000 days Reign.

Seeing sami able to perform umrah and get "welcome home" chants is pretty endearing to watch
I already acknowledged Roman though. I just want him to be done as the champ so we can move on to the next arc.

You have wanted it to end since it started.

Just upset your hero and Cenation is no more, and we acknowledge our Tribal Chief now.
Word is LA Knight is being booked for NoC since he's super over with the Saudis.

The Saudis got good taste.

Our boy gonna get that super push.:bury
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I like LA Knight. And so do a lot of fans. Not sure why WWE doesn’t just push him at this point.
Exactly you got people in another country spontaneously chanting his name with no provocation whatsoever. it's time to hit the gas and he ain't getting younger
I think Konan was saying that’s why they can’t get new fans. They aren’t pushing people who actually get noise.
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