Official Death Note Parody Thread

You're right, it's definitely a death note induced heart attack; Itachi clearly grabs the left side of his chest.
Itachi was killed by a death note

Just like Misa was saved by a shinigami who fell in love with her and watched over her, Sasuke was saved by Kishi. Kishi sacrificed himself to save his one true love, breaking the rules. Kishi is now a pile of dust somewhere, he will be missed.

p.s. *This is not an anti Sasuke/Pro Uchiha thread.
I just found out someone else did a thread like this (and a much better one at that). I guess great minds think alike.

other thread is here
I said it in the predictions thread. Kakashi is Kira! He wrote out Obito and now Itachi. That isn't "Icha Icha" he's always reading, that's his Death Note in disguise!
lol death note

sasuke actually called for kira to use the death note, you probably all missed it, it was when he used "kirin", aka= kira no jutsu, that was the signal he gave to light to use the death note.

sasuke you smart bastard
"Just as Keikaku?"

What does Keikaku mean? Does it translate to "planned"?
Yeah. Its a long running joke for it to be Just as Keikaku instead of plan when one of the fansubbers wrote that instead of Just as Planned in this scene of the anime

"Just as Keikaku?"

What does Keikaku mean? Does it translate to "planned"?

計画 "keikaku" means "plan" (the noun form).

Though to say "just as planned" (like Lelouch in Code Geass) is 作戦通り "sakusen doori". :p

Edit: Just saw Sunuvmann's response. In Light's case it would be "Keikaku toori".
Kira Lives! [100% Proved!]

Kira killed Itachi!


Everyone knows random heart attacks of villians are the doings of the great lord Kira! :LOS
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