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I've been watching a few old Gargoyles episodes the last days and it has motivated me enough to drop this scenario.

Estrecca Productions presents a Battledome Gauntlet with standard equipment rules, PIS off, CIS on and Bloodlust off. Oberon will fight all the battles, because regardless of losing or winning he'll be refreshed/healed/resurrected for the next match.


-The Source of All Evil (Charmed)
-Insane Resurrected Cole (Charmed)
-Darth Willow (BtVS)
-Illyria, pre-Mutari generator zapping (Angel)
-Akatsuki organization, all members dead or alive (Naruto)
-Kyuubi No Kitsune (Naruto, too)
-Zero Seal Alucard (Hellsing)
-Animated Darkseid (DCAU)
-Beginning of Season 3 Sailor Senshi, minus Saturn (Sailor Moon)
-Larloch the Shadow King (Forgotten Realms)
-Dante Sparda (DMC4)
-Dark Empire Palpatine, all EU feats are go (SW EU)
-Iron Man with Hulkbuster Armour (Marvel WWH)
-Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
-Sauron of Mordor (LoTR)
-Sephiroth (Advent Children)
-The fictional character of your choice...

I'm going to assume Cole doesn't have his Avatar powers, so he loses this pretty hard. Akatsuki gets violated hard too.

If Kyuubi gets his mountain busting and tsunami feats, I could see him having a chance but Oberon might put him to sleep.

I don't think Alucard can absorb Oberon, thus the fight lasts practically forever. Though fae lord should win with his magical abilities.

I don't see Darkseid doing much, so he's out. I know nothing of Larloch or the Sailor Senshi.

Dante fought that gigantic Savior boss, so Oberon's size might not be a factor, but his powers sure are. Oberon should win again.

Dark Empire Palpatine could win with a Force Storm, depending on the distance.

Raest vs Oberon would be delightfully destructive.
-Insane Resurrected Cole (Charmed)
Oberon is screwed. Like, royally fu-cked beyond imagining. He's not getting passed Cole. Why? For one, he can't kill Cole. He can't hurt Cole. There is no dimension dumping or anything that he can do. Cole is outright invincible. Plus he's got more magical powers than even Oberon does, aside from the giant thing. Cole can make a motion of his hand and create iron weapons from thin air to impale Oberon with.

-Illyria, pre-Mutari generator zapping (Angel)
Illyria has a time limit because if she doesn't have that power siphoned, she explodes.

-Akatsuki organization, all members dead or alive (Naruto)
Akatsuki probably already have Iron on them; their weapons.

-Dark Empire Palpatine, all EU feats are go (SW EU)
Sidious has no chance. Force Lighting is not going to affect Oberon and unless he can suddenly transmute matter into iron then he's screwed, doesn't matter what he could do in the Novels if Oberon decides to make him a permanent fixture in the ground. A lot o those names shouldn't even be there.

-Iron Man with Hulkbuster Armour (Marvel WWH)
Iron-Man would have a chance, but he's like Xanatos and Xanatos did make himself an iron exo-armor to fight Oberon with and was still knocked aside. Iron does help, but it helps more when you can't be killed.

Crimson Dragoon said:
I'm going to assume Cole doesn't have his Avatar powers, so he loses this pretty hard. Akatsuki gets violated hard too.
You do know that Cole didn't really get anymore powerful when he became an Avatar. He didn't need them it's they who needed him. he just used them so he could warp reality, but aside from that they couldn't affect Cole either. Cole was the single most powerful magical entity in the Charmed-verse.
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