Nokia Morph - I came, I saw, I came.

Tomorrow King

Stand Alone
Track 9 - Heroic Battle

Most amazing cellphone KNOWN TO MAN. Well, in 7 years anyways.

I didn't see this on here anywhere else, so yeah. WIN, RIGHT?
Well if they can pull this off, this will be the perfection of the digital word in a material world. The next step would be to embed the thing on your head and have visual presentations kinda like holographs.
It's not too far from the imagination to create something like that. After all we already have the light keyboard. Xenosaga and various other sci-fi outlets have already created systems with concepts similar to that. Shit, back when I was a design major my colleagues and I were making sketches of a cell phone like that.

I'll be impressed when something like that is tangible. Saying they're going to make it just doesn't cut it for me; after all shit happens.
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