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NFL Thread: 2020 flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct


Freshly drenched in coochie water
Kinda the mad I missed the Raiders game. The first half was pretty boring and I was up since 5am..so I went to bed. :(



Disciple of Thunder
Lamar’s fumbles were bad and uncharacteristic last night, but he passed well from the pocket and was just let down by his receivers often. They need Bateman to come back from IR healthy as soon as possible, so they can have any semblance of a WR1.


Freshly drenched in coochie water

This was in response to Joel Embiid speaking on how tough it is for athletes to play in philly. He basically said playing was a lot better than playing for a bad st louis rams team. And Ben simmons and wentz need to take a little accountability for "not getting it done".

There's a specific personality type that embraces the brashness of the fans here l think.
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