Food NF, What have you eaten today?


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Brunch- homemade sandwich roll- flour tortilla, lettuce, cheese, sliced chicken(lunch meat) w/ greener goddess salad dressing.
Dinner- ramen- noodles, hard boiled eggs drenched in soy sauce, hot sauce(we have so many forgot which), black pepper, everything seasoning w/ seaweed chips.

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Yesterday, I tried the Budget Bytes recipe for Dragon Noodles, with some minor alterations. To be specific, I replaced honey with brown sugar, added some paprika in place of one of the seasonings, and added a link of turkey bacon to the noodles. That was my lunch, followed by a few frozen cherries coated lightly in honey for dessert.

Recipe for the noodles:


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On topic - I had antimatter this morning. I chased it with some chocolate milk because it wasn't sitting right. I skipped lunch and downed a ham sandwich just now.

I'd kill for a French silk pie...
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Sweet corn tamale, giant chicken filet, rice, soup with beef, tomatoes and potatoes, white dragon fruit, green tea, stir fry oyster mushroom with green bell pepper, Wild Bill's ginger ale (most ginger tasting ginger ale I've had, but apparently it still only has ginger flavoring :hestonpls ) boiled quail egg, Indian food


Impatient Buddha
I had two (2) count them - 2 Rockstars this morning because I went in to work sick and I needed a little dimamita. Then I had some compacted brick of a protein bar. Whoever the fuck decided that thing should be brought into existence let alone marketed/sold needs a serious reality check. Pulled pork for lunches, and then yeah, nada.

No because getting it safely is a lot of work and it's expensive. On top of that, I wouldn't really think It'd reach a stomach if you ate it
Ah, well you are just a "normal" person :catskully


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Had some chicken curry at Grandma's. She also made pork ribs, chicken wings and drums, jelly fish, Taiwanese pickled cabbage.

Sliced beef, kabocha, taro, quail eggs.
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