New tagger! taste the rainbow!

In my opinion i think you create too many sigs in a short amount of time :apathy

Anyway, i think that the stock seems a bit too small, but i think that the color choices look interesting.
This one has been busy.:LOS

It's an interesting concept. The colors are excellent, but I'd nix the black spots, and keep the brushing off the render.
I like the effects. Its nice. :amuse

The stock should be bigger to stand out a bit and look better. :amuse
that's alright, not really liking the colors but other than that it looks really good, gj.
the colors are good, but dosent blend with the stock, still a good tag in my opinion
Not bad though could use a better brush for the smuding since that style is whored, also get rid of those splatter things all over the tag they take away from it.
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