new .hack Sig

Eh, a little bit more to the FG wouldn't hurt much. Though I think the render and the background match really nicely. And the border's hawt too. :lmao

I like it, yeah. :wtf
Heh its pretty good...although all your sig does is get in my avatars ways :p lol (just a little .hack joke)
Looks pretty good. The render blends pretty well with the background.
It looks pretty nice :amuse The render really works well with the intricate background and the colors are all nice with the seam tones.
the stock looks dull, so does the bg and they don't go with each other, you could have used a black background and used some c4ds.. or just follow some tuts involving making the bg interesting
looking at the context of the sigim guessingthe stock is from the game which i really thing is cool. u made it so the stock fit into the sig as a digital character
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