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I Got The Munchies!
I like my left side!...But I don't think I can enter this SOTW with this

Anyway criticisms and comments are appreciated!
I dunno, very messy and raw. Looks like you threw on a bunch of brushes, renders, a few filters, brushes, REALLY strange lighting, text and a border. I'm sure you could do better if you really set your mind to it.
not bad a little messy for my likeing and the dimensions of it seem to stretched for me. its not your best work that is for sure, have seen better from you. and not really with the them for this weeks sotw, saying that niether is mine.
you could have used other colors for the bg, ones that go with the stocks I mean, and the text doesn't go with the whole thing and for that grey circle soft brush below rukia you could have changed it's setting to screen it would give a nice lighting effect imo
Actually, I quite like this one. The stock seems to be a bit pixelated from resizing or something, try to smoothen that. Other than that, nice!
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