Neji's not arrogant


There's this thing about the word 'arrogance' that bothers me when people apply it to Neji's character. And a lot of people do.

The word arrogant means the following:

1. making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights;
overbearingly assuming; insolently proud
2.characterized by or proceeding from arrogance

The word arrogance means:

1. offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

There's a difference between appearing to be self-important, and actually feeling as self-important as you're outwardly being perceived.

I mean, sure he called a whole bunch of people losers... Lee, Hinata, Naruto... But I don't exactly remember him saying anything about he himself being any better.

He never did say outright to anybody "Oh, I'm better than you"

In fact it was often other people... Kakashi, Tenten, even Gai at certain points who refered to him as 'the Hyuuga prodigy'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he hardly even refered to himself as a genius.

Recalling his reactions to the statements Hinata made, as well as his reaction to Naruto's "You're not a loser like me." I've come to the conclusion that Neji was never really arrogant... or at least not in the way lots of people seem to think he was.

I get sorta angry now every time anybody says "Neji thinks he's better than everybody else." He doesn't! And I really think he never did.
I don't think arrogant has to necessarily be words. It can be one's actions or demeanor. Neji's demeanor is really arrogant. The way he looks at people, like after the flashback fight with Rock Lee, implies that he looks down on pretty much every genin.
Someone forget the whole Narto vs. Neji fight in the exams? As I recall, Neji implied several times that he was better than Naruto and that Naruto was a nothing and always will be...
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