Need help locating manga!


I have spent ages trying to find a manga that I once read but for the life of me can no longer recall the name of it >.<

If anyone knows what it is can you let me know as I would like to continue reading.

All I remember was that there is a female martial artist at a school who has two guardians. One of them is dressed up as a cow girl and the other one kinda resembles chun-li from street fighter.

To get stronger she consults a master of martial arts who happens to be a teenager but a large portion of his power was sealed away and he helps teach her the fundermentals like having her try to catch a fish with her hand in a bucket.

Any help would mean I love you long time.

You are a legend, such a simple name forgotten so easily. If you could point me to other works by the same manga-ka I would be making cha-ching noises in your general direction x

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