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NBD Convo Thread: The Eternal Kingdom Wasn't So Eternal After All.

What's your favourite character?

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The old convo was stale, so I decided to archive it and bake some fresh bread.:catnoworries

Use this Convo thread for off-topic chat, moderate spam, and socializing in general. Basically, make it a containment thread for member related topics. And other thing Whatever you feel like.:naruramen



Also gimme some ideas for a poll and new thread title. I'd do it myself but I have shit imagination.:blobcry


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Finally. Where are the Motm Threads?
This was already discussed in your thread

Aside from whining about MOTM that literally EVERYONE bitched about having little to no substance anymore, there's nothing wrong with the NBD mods.

They kept MOTM going, and everyone questioned why they bothered with it, they get rid of it, and the OP bitches about it...

The members themselves complained that it was a waste of time and no longer took it seriously, to the point of more or less making a mockery with their nominations. I decided to put it on hiatus until I could come up with some more stringent criteria for nominations.


I stopped posting in this section a while ago but still kept up with the old convo thread until it slowly died out. RIP.


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First page.

Poll should be "When did the NBD die?"

  • End of Manga
  • When Rocky stopped posting
  • When every NBD mod retired/was replaced
  • When Davizwiz took a break
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