Naruto's past: ancient history? (SPOILERS?)


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Throughout the series, I don't think we really got to see Naruto really cope with his tragic past. He practically doesn't face the prejudice from carrying the demon anymore. His past somewhat comes into significance when he was trying to help Gaara, but even that's in the past now. His past will probably get some more attention later on when dealing with Akatsuki. But the whole thing about his loneliness and the prejudice he endured is already completely out of the picture. He doesn't even need to become Hokage anymore, especially now that he has a ton of friends. His tragedy is not an issue anymore. Even becoming Hokage is not an issue anymore. All that's left in the story is Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Akatsuki.

Who wants to see more about Naruto's tragic past?

Thoughts / opinions anyone?
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