Naruto will die or something....


eh?,come again?
Basically i believe that at some point (possibly soon with the arrival of madara vs loads of konoha ninja's ) that naruot will get captured and the nine-tailer fox will be removed from him just has to happen , kishi has to show what the huge akatsuki statue does when all the bjiuu are combined. Someone has probably posted something along these lines but just wanted to know whether ppl aggreed and if so what will madara unleash....
oh and if naruto's kyuubi is removed he will somehow not die or comeback to life somehow ( possibly the same technique that was used on gaara ,after all the Copy Ninja did witness it :))
I don't think Naruto is going to die by removal of his bijuu. I think he will die by sacrificing himself for the village, after becoming hokage.
I truly believe That this will play in the future of the manga! naruto will get captured knocked out and only pain, kisame, madara will start the unsealing process! konoha will send the best rescue team involving sasuke! they stop it! naruto and 5 others to fight pain, kakashi gai aganist kisame! madara runs away, then final battle between sasuke and naruto to face madara! madara unleash all other bijuu to fight for him to face naruto ninetails!!

sorry to ramble!

An old statement I made! I still stick by it!!
I hardly think he'll die at all. He has to become hokage after all, and i doubt kishi would want to copy his brother by doing to exact same thing he did in HIS manga. It would be a complete copout!
Here's my theory on why Naruto won't die, even if he gets the Kyuubi removed... I'm in total agreement with you on this one

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Thanks for reply orangeshadow , I see that in both our threads ppl have seemed to miss the point or have wet themselves at the very mention of naruto and death in the same sentence......

To those ppl : I never said naruto would end the manga being dead and not become hokage , just that his bijuu would be removed which usually causes death though there are ways around that.
I'm not so sure of Naruto will die by Kyuubi being extracted. Well, it's possible, but Tsunade is a medical ninja, the best one in the Narutoverse, so she could probably find a way to revive him like Chiyo revived Gaara. This would leave an opening for Sakura's development that Kshimoto was talking about . . . :amuse

Well, I doubt Naruto will die, but he will probably die by sacrificing himself if he dies at all . . . :p
I don't think Naruto is going to die by removal of his bijuu. I think he will die by sacrificing himself for the village, after becoming hokage.

No, it'll be before becoming hokage, maybe he'll sacrifice himself to kill madara or something, then people will say
"he could had been the best hokage of all times *sob* :cry"
Then they will put a gigantic stone face (even moar big than the others) monument in konoha. :LOS
he will nevar diez
otherwise the manga would from that precise point be called
please, let's not think of that :cry
I think toward the end he will die. I mean the Nine tails dies with him if he does, right? Realistically, it seems like it would just save a lot of time to just kill him and be done with the nine tails all together, but then his name IS on the cover. So this all a long ways off.
Don't know how he will survive having Kyuubi drawn out of him without anyone knowing the life-transfer technique.

After Yamato's talk about Naruto using his own power in stead of the Kyuubi's, he's relying more on his own power now, though I don't understand why he doesn't draw out the Kyuubi chakra when he's out of the regular blue, like Jiraya tought him, and he's strong enough to take out Akatsuki members too with Rasenshuriken. Akatsuki will probably draw out the Kyuubi from Naruto, but what are they planning to do next? They can't store all the energy from all nine jinchuuriki's in one single person/container? That's a total of 45 tails, and Naruto can't even control himself with four, so... They're probably sharing the powers among the remaining members of Akatsuki and the final fight will be Konoha vs Akatsuki, without Naruto's kyuubi.

A little off topic, but relevant as well.
I the Jyuubi is removed naruto will die,thats a fact!! but the true discussion would be who would sacrifice theirselves to save him afterall;

>>Will Kakashi seeing that jutsu being used on gaara sacrifice himself?

>> Will Sakura do the samething?

>> Tsundae?

>> or maybe sasuke will prevent it?

u decide?
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NOW.. why the hell would Kishi kill Naruto?
It's stupid. Maybe he'll have a close call, like Gaara - but not dead.
There would be no point in calling the anime "Naruto" if he dies... might aswell call it "Naruto Dies", or "Sasuke" >.<

And yes, obviously, in the Narutoverse he will die.. being human and all >.<
I think Naruto will get captured and they will atempt to extsracked Kyubbie but someone will interuped the process. Maby everysingle one of his friends come to save him.
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