Naruto vs. Sasuke rematch - Reason of Oro's sudden appearance?


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This might sound a little whacko. Wear a helmet right now before reading.

So at this point we could assume that Kishimoto might be doing something here to prepare for the Naruto v Sasuke fight. First of all, post-timeskip Sasuke defeats a weakened Orochimaru. By doing this he absorbs his powers, making Sasuke even more powerful then before. But when Sasuke confronts Itachi, Orochimaru's absorbed powers are eliminated due to Itachi's Susano-o. Now, Sasuke's level in the food chain is about the same as before Oro's confrontation.

Then we see Jiraiya talking about "the key", which he said would help Naruto balance with his training. After a couple of more chapters, Naruto will eventually find out about the key. And if he does this, then we see that Naruto will control his Kyuubi more and avoid using this in battle. This is basically strengthening Naruto's real kyuubiless power, which as Yamato stated is the only way Naruto could help Sasuke.

So for what reason will Oro just pop out of nowhere and get owned? Sasuke's need for strength at that time could have been a logical reason, but it is sort of a random move for Oro to appear and disappear in a short amount of time. It leaves no purpose to the plot. The only reason i could think of is that Kishi wants Sasuke to lose most of his Oro hax to be on par with Naruto, furthermore preparing him for their epic rematch. Kishi intended this to strengthen Naruto with the Key so he and Sasuke would be close to the same level of strength. Just think about it. If the two were to fight with Kyuubi and Oro, then it would not accurately prove who is stronger. In simpler words, the fight would suck, and will ruin the entire manga.

I just find it interesting that Kishi might have intended "Oro's magic trick" for this special battle.
It would be a good thing if that was the case, considering how Oro was dispatched. I can't think of any other reason for Oro to leave so quickly. Once we find out what the key actually has in store for Naruto we will see.
Yeah....maybe... I agree that maybe that's why oro was defeated so quickly, but i don't think the purpose for the key is to entirely seal the kyuubi. Jirayia used the key to release it a little bit. I suppose that naruto will have to battle the kyuubi and permanently subdue it.

Realeasing the kyuubi woulnd't help any way so it was discarded from the moment Sasuke entered narutos mind and "defeated" (between punctuation marks, cause i know that someone will say that he hasn't defeated it, but we could see there that he could control it or at least prevent it from manifesting). If we could learn something from that encounter, was not just that Sasuke was way more powerful than Naruto at that time, but the kyuubi couln't help Naruto against Sasuke.

There's a lot to happen until they fight again. Naruto has to train a lot to catch up with Sasuke. The Rasenshuriken won't help him, cause it's a killer technique, and the last thing Naruto wants is to kill Sasuke. So this new technique isn't useful for now.

Anyway, i do agree that Sasuke and Naruto will fight only with their own strength. We'll see if Sasuke uses the curse seal against him.
I originally thought that the reason Oro popped out was because he just wanted people to know how powerful susano'o was. But this is interesting and is probably right.
They've always been balanced, haven't they?

Actually with sasukes newly obtained MS and narutos main source of power being kyuubi, sasuke has the advatage. Sasuke can surpress kyuubis power plus he still has CS2 and now MS
Actually with sasukes newly obtained MS and narutos main source of power being kyuubi, sasuke has the advatage. Sasuke can surpress kyuubis power plus he still has CS2 and now MS

Control over the Kyuubi requires EMS, not MS. And Sasuke's been able to suppress the Kyuubi since his reintroduction. Get your facts straight, please.
Oro will make a return into the manga in kabuto's body he isnt dead yet.
itachi sealed oro and his powers from sasuke's body so he cant go cs1 or cs2 anymore
and i think "the key" will teach naruto to control the kyuubi
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