Naruto the fight for your life!


Bequite im following Gaara =)
Chapter 1
Choji walks to the ocean by the rocks at the steep hill.

Choji: What do you want i told you to leve me alone.
???: Did you think i forgot the deal?
Choji: I..I thought you were just playing.
???: Playing!You think this is the game?I told you i want him.
Choji: I..would never..ever do that to him .
???: Bring him here or you die!
Choji: No!
???:Bring me the boy!Bring me Naruto.
Choji:No dude im leveing.
???: Then you must die!

1 day later

Naruto,had just woke up for some adventures.Naruto get's something to eat and got dressed.And went to see Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura:...Were is he!Why dose he always do this?Why Why Why?
Sasuke: Crying about it won't help.And you kno Naruto just deal with it.
Sakura: I guess so.
Sasuke: Anyways he's probley sleep still.
Naruto:Hey im right here!

Naruto walks in the room.

Sakura: What in the world of madem forster were you?
Naruto: Ahhh last i check i was sleep.
Sasuke: Figures.
Naruto:What dose that mean!
Sasuke: Hey,Im not the one who has his shirt on the wrong way up side down.
Naruto: Ahhh ("O kno Sakura is going to think im so stupid")
Sakura:("He's so stupid")

Naruto changes his shirt.
Naruto: So were is Kakashi?
Sakura: How should we know were wating on him to!
Naruto: O yeah.
Sasuke: Im going out side.
Sakura:"He's hot...and dreamy."
Naruto:"He makes me throw up:
Kakashi: Don't leve so early Sasuke.
Sasuke: About time.

Kakashi walks in the room.

Naruto: So whats the mission?
Kakashi: Nothing.
Naruto: Nothing?
Kakashi: Yep.
Naruto: I kno we going to go eat some Ramen?
Kakashi: Nope.
Naruto: Are we going to practice?
Kakashi: No.
Naruto: Were going to wash bathroom?
Kakashi: Im not going to answer that..But still we are having a meeting.
Naruto: About what?
Kakashi: People have been missing as Choji sence 4 days ago.And some villagers two.
Naruto: I hope he's alright.
Sakura: Yeah...

Somebody comes.

Somebody: Kakashi ,you and your team to go to talk Sarutobi.He's wating for you.

Kakashi: Alright.
Naruto: Let's go!

What has been happing?Will we find out?

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