Pink Rasengan!!
SORRY if this has been posted before, I just noticed that I didn't see it anywhere and decided people deserves to see it.

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Please watch ALL of them, the last 3 are better than the first 2 IMO

I have posted this before, but it was in the wrong section and only 1 person viewed it so, ill try again.

the links have been given before i think, cause i have already watched them via NF.. anyway, very funny videos. when i watched them first i was about to pee into my pant from laughing.
It was alright ... "Hmm, Well... I'm going to put this into my pocket now.. and play with my dick" Genius <_<...
I've seen those before! :rotfl They're great, aren't they? *watches 'em endlessly*

Hokage: That young scaliwag's got a fucked up voice! And he's a mean friend too! Blow the fuck off!

:rotfl MartyMcFly21 is a God in my opinion lol
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