Naruto Characters in Other Anime?


I'm not sure this has been asked yet, and I'm sure as hell I'm not surfing through 100 pages just to find out.

Let's put those thinking caps on.
What if Naruto, Sasuke, or hey, even Orochimaru, were featured in animes they shouldn't be in? Such as...

Bleach. (Which has probably been already done, lol.)
Cardcaptor Sakura.
Sailor Moon...? :gin

So, what characters could you imagine them in another anime, and what effect or role would they do to the main story? What would happen if they met that anime's main character? And what would they think of the new world they've just been placed in by fellow fans...?
Be creative...!
I could probably see Shikamaru in Death Note, or possibly Tsunade in Monster as their respective abilities match these anime/manga rather well. Though the Kage Mane would certainly be interesting, perhaps he could make another write in the death note?
Konohamaru's Squad in Lucky Star >>
Kiba,Shino and Akamaru in Pokemon <<
I dunno,Temari in Venus Versus Virus[..... I don't know why I chose that either.]

I think the Shikimaru in Death Note would work like someone had suggested...

Perhaps team up with L and catch kira? :LOS
This is a fact not imagination, Deidara was in the other anime once. I suppose the title of the anime was "Hayate no Gotoku". Sorry this is a kind of off topic...un. :p
Team 7 could be in Bleach or Inuyasha,. Theirs so much drama going on in their team, they would make Ichigo's and Inuyashas lives look like pure bliss and make their problems look like mere childs' play.
yeah naruto as goku and luffy from one piece
shikamaru a L in DN
sasuke in bleach as bakuya
Naruto-renton and Hinata- euraka in Euraka 7
Sasuke in Rurouni Kenshin would be interesting what with the themes of vengeance and redemption that come into play.
Lee as Hanatarou in Bleach would be awesome :amuse

Shikamaru as L like a lot of people are saying, I would love to see that :)
:lmao I can imagine sending Shikamaru to Death Note and help out with the cases.

Naruto and Luffy would be hilarious as well.
Gamabunta should be on Pokemon, fire type one. :p Manda reminds me of a serious version of Arbok. Lol @ idea of casting Orochimaru as James. Orochimaru does have that constantly being defeatedly only to show up later thing going on. He'd have to be higher up so...Orochimaru as Giovanni? Ahahaha, oh gods, the jokes with got to catch them all involving him and the kids would be terrible.

Or, since I pretty much do have the urge to thrust Orochimaru into any series possible. He would be most excellent as a mononoke in Mononke. He certainly has the mood of vengence going on. And yeah, mostly I just want to watch him and the Medicine Seller face each other. :p
I have to jump on the Shikamaru in Death Note bandwagon. That would be sweet.

Then, Itachi as a Captain in Bleach.
Please? Pleeease?
Sasori in Ghost in the Shell. It's a perfect fit with all the artificial bodies and the debate about identity.

Kabuto could easily join Shikamaru in Death Note. But honestly, I see Shikamaru more as the creepy inspector in Monster. He comes to the same conclusion as the main characters by different and more impressive means of deduction.

Asuma would fit in well in the world of Black Lagoon. Asuma plus gun OH SHI-

Gaara as Tetsuo and Naruto as Kaneda in Akira would also be pwn.

Hinata in golden boy would be hilarious.

Also, Kisame is well-suited for Bleach. He has the raw power, and a cool sword. Kisame vs Kenpachi :amuse

Hidan would go well with Hellsing. In fact a little too well, being apparently immortal and surviving decapitation and a religious fanatic.

Kiba and Shino as Pokemon trainers who only have dog and insect pokemon, that would work too.
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I could see Naruto being one of Ichigo's(in Bleach) siblings and also have his abilities and become a shinigami like Ichigo.
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