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Naruto Battledome Directory


Forest Sage
Naruto Battledome Directory
Below is a collection of threads to hopefully help you with your Battledome experience! Please check them out if you are interested! (All hyperlinks are italicized)
by Cordelia
by Chainer
by Raikiri19

Naruto Battle Directoryby Itachi
Itachі said:
Thought it would be nice if there was a thread which marked battles, not going to include absolutely everything but I might add more later. Feel free to make any suggestions or point out any errors.

Part 1 - Prologue

Naruto & Iruka vs Mizuki - Chapter 1

Bell Test: Team 7 vs Kakashi - Chapter 4

Land of Waves

Team 7 vs Demon Brothers - Chapter 9

Team 7 vs Zabuza - Chapter 11

Team 7 vs Zabuza & Haku - Chapter 22

Naruto vs Gato's Henchmen - Chapter 23

Chunin Exams

Rock Lee vs Naruto & Sasuke - Chapter 37

Sasuke vs Oboro - Chapter 46

Team 7 vs Orochimaru - Chapter 47

Anko vs Orochimaru - Chapter 50

Sakura vs Team Dosu - Chapter 51

Sand Siblings vs Team Shigure - Chapter 58

Team 7 & Kabuto vs Team Oboro - Chapter 61

Sasuke vs Yoroi - Chapter 67

Shino vs Zaku - Chapter 69

Misumi vs Kankuro - Chapter 70

Sakura vs Ino - Chapter 71

Shikamaru vs Kin Tsuchi - Chapter 74

Naruto vs Kiba - Chapter 75

Hinata vs Neji - Chapter 79

Rock Lee vs Gaara - Chapter 82

Dosu vs Choji - Chapter 87

Kabuto vs Kakashi - Chapter 88

Hayate vs Baki - Chapter 92

Naruto vs Neji - Chapter 100

Shikamaru vs Temari - Chapter 106

Sasuke vs Gaara - Chapter 111

Konoha Crush

Orochimaru's Invasion - Chapter 116

Hiruzen vs Orochimaru - Chapter 117

Shikamaru vs Otogakure Ninja - Chapter 119

Shino vs Kankuro - Chapter 125

Sasuke vs Gaara - Chapter 127

Clan Heads vs Invaders - Chapter 137

Search for Tsunade

Itachi & Kisame vs Konoha Jonin - Chapter 141

Itachi & Kisame vs Naruto & Sasuke - Chapter 145

Tsunade vs Kabuto & Orochimaru - Chapter 163

Sasuke Recovery Mission

Naruto vs Sasuke - Chapter 175

Sasuke vs Sound 4 - Chapter 177

Genma & Raido vs Sound 4 - Chapter 184

SR Team vs Jirobo - Chapter 186

Choji vs Jirobo- Chapter 188

SR Team vs Kidomaru - Chapter 191

Neji vs Kidomaru - Chapter 193

SR Team vs Sakon - Chapter 200

Naruto vs Kimimaro, Shikamaru vs Tayuya & Kiba vs Sakon - Chapter 202

Rock Lee vs Kimimaro - Chapter 210

Sand Siblings & SR Team vs Kimimaro, Tayuya & Sakon - Chapter 213

Naruto vs Sasuke - Chapter 218

Kakashi Gaiden

Team Minato vs Iwa Shinobi - Chapter 239

Kakashi & Obito vs Taiseki - Chapter 242

Kakashi & Obito vs Kakko - Chapter 243

Part 2 - Kazekage Rescue Mission

Bell Test: Naruto & Sakura vs Kakashi - Chapter 246

Deidara vs Gaara - Chapter 248

Kankuro vs Sasori - Chapter 250

Team Gai vs Shoten Kisame - Chapter 255

Team Kakashi & Chiyo vs Shoten Itachi - Chapter 259

Sakura & Chiyo vs Sasori - Chapter 264

Kakashi & Naruto vs Deidara -

Chapter 266

Chapter 275

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

Sai vs Choji, Shikamaru & Naruto - Chapter 283

Training: Naruto & Sai vs Yamato - Chapter 288

New Team Kakashi vs Orochimaru & Kabuto - Chapter 290

New Team Kakashi vs Sasuke - Chapter 307

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

Hidan & Kakuzu vs Yugito - Chapter 312

Deidara & Obito vs Sanbi - Chapter 317

Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo & Kotetsu vs Hidan & Kakuzu - Chapter 322

Team 10 & Kakashi vs Hidan & Kakuzu - Chapter 332

Hidan vs Shikamaru - Chapter 336

Naruto vs Kakuzu - Chapter 339

Itachi Pursuit Mission

Sasuke vs Orochimaru - Chapter 343

Itachi vs Orochimaru - Chapter 345

Sasuke vs Deidara - Chapter 357

Sasuke vs Itachi's Karasu Bunshin - Chapter 367

Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant

Jiraiya vs Konan - Chapter 372

Jiraiya vs Pain - Chapter 374

Fated Battle Between Brothers

Itachi vs Sasuke - Chapter 383

Killer Bee vs Taka - Chapter 410

Pain's Assault

Invasion - Chapter 419

Kakashi vs Pain - Chapter 420

Naruto vs Pain - Chapter 430

Five Kage Summit

Omoi & Karui vs Sakura, Sai & Naruto - Chapter 454

Danzo vs Land of Wood Shinobi - Chapter 455

Taka's Assault - Chapter 461

Killer Bee vs Kisame - Chapter 470

Fu & Torune vs Obito - Chapter 475

Sasuke vs Danzo - Chapter 476

Team 7 vs Sasuke - Chapter 484

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

Naruto vs Kyubi - Chapter 497

Obito Invades Konoha - Chapter 500

Gai vs Kisame - Chapter 505

Konan vs Obito - Chapter 509

Kabuto & Deidara Invade Turtle Island - Chapter 513

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Surprise Attack Division vs Sasori & Deidara - Chapter 517

Kakashi vs Zabuza & Haku - Chapter 523

Darui, Samui & Atsui vs Kinkaku & Ginkaku - Chapter 527

Mifune vs Hanzo - Chapter 531

Team 10 vs Asuma - Chapter 532

Choji & Choza vs Gedo Mazo - Chapter 537

Naruto & Killer Bee vs Ei - Chapter 541

Minato vs Ei & Killer Bee - Chapter 542

Gaara vs Rasa - Chapter 546

Nagato & Itachi vs Killer Bee & Naruto - Chapter 549

Itachi, Killer Bee & Naruto vs Nagato - Chapter 550

Naruto, Gaara & Onoki vs Mu - Chapter 553

Naruto vs Sandaime Raikage - Chapter 554

Gaara & Onoki vs Nidaime Mizukage - Chapter 556

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Gaara, Onoki & Naruto vs Madara - Chapter 560

Gokage vs Madara -

Chapter 563
Chapter 575
Chapter 588

Naruto & Killer Bee vs Obito & Jinchuriki - Chapter 564

Kakashi & Gai vs V2 Jinchuriki - Chapter 567

Sasuke & Itachi vs Kabuto - Chapter 579

Naruto, Kakashi, Gai & Killer Bee vs Obito - Chapter 595

Obito vs Mist Ninja - Chapter 605

Hashirama vs Madara -

Chapter 621

Chapter 626

Butsuma & Tobirama vs Tajima & Izuna - Chapter 623

Kakashi vs Obito - Chapter 629

Hokage & Team 7 vs Obito & Madara - Chapter 631

Madara vs Biju - Chapter 658

Tobirama & Sasuke vs Madara - Chapter 661

Gai, Minato, Rock Lee & Kakashi vs Madara - Chapter 667

Naruto & Sasuke vs Madara - Chapter 673

Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes

Team 7 & Obito vs Kaguya - Chapter 679

Naruto vs Sasuke - Chapter 694

Naruto Databooks:
  • Databook and Fanbook Collection
Movie Guidebook Collection:
Notable Debate Tournaments/Matches:
  • Hosted by Komnenos

  • Hosted by Suu

Marco, Cyphon, & Turrin vs Nikushimi, Strategoob, & Vergil642
Daenerys Stormborn, Baroxio, & Komnenos vs Mist Puppet, Atlantic Storm, & Yokokorama

  • Hosted by Akito and Soul

Spoiler: Round 1

Ace vs Daylight
Atlantic Storm vs harrypottersama/Wizard
Empathy vs Panos
Kai vs Lt. Iceman/Zenith
silenceofthelambs vs EnergySage
Alex Payne vs NatureBoy
Daenerys Stormborn vs KenpachiTZ
WolfPrinceKiba vs Hiruzen Sarutobi
Dracule Mihawk vs Baroxio
Violent by Design vs Qhorin Halfhand
Thunder vs The Pirate on Wheels
Cyphon vs Joakim3
Ryuzaki vs Melodie
Turrin vs foreign
Komnenos vs Leon

Spoiler: Round 2

Yokokorama vs Daylight
Kai vs silenceofthelambs
Atlantic Storm vs Empathy
Alex Payne vs Daenerys Stormborn
WolfPrinceKiba vs Dracule Mihawk
Qhorin Halfhand vs Thunder
Joakim3 vs Ryuzaki

Spoiler: Round 3

Daylight vs Atlantic Storm
Kai vs Daenerys Stormborn
WolfPrinceKiba vs Thunder
Ryuzaki vs Turrin

Spoiler: Semi-Finals

Atlantic Storm vs Daenerys Stormborn
WolfPrinceKiba vs Ryuzaki

Spoiler: Finals

Atlantic Storm vs WolfPrinceKiba

  • Hosted by Ryuzaki

Spoiler: Round 1

Santoryu vs Baroxio
Mist Puppet vs Kanki
Ace vs TheDestroyer
Atlantic Storm vs EnergySage
Godaime Tsunade vs Joakim3
Empathy vs Hiruzen Sarutobi
Puppetry vs Freedan
Nikushimi vs The Pirate on Wheels

Spoiler: Round 2

WolfPrinceKiba vs Baroxio
Melodie vs Mist Puppet
Ace vs Kai
Strategoob vs Atlantic Storm
Akito vs Joakim3
Daenerys Stormborn vs Empathy
Freedan vs Alex Payne
Komnenos vs The Pirate on Wheels

Spoiler: Semi-Finals

WolfPrinceKiba vs Melodie
Kai vs Strategoob
Akito vs Empathy
Alex Payne vs Komnenos

Spoiler: Finals

Alex Payne vs Empathy

  • Hosted by Ryuzaki
As promised, here is the NBD directory that collects links to useful threads. Please let me know if there's anything I should add or modify above!
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@Cordelia maybe change the blue to a slightly lighter blue (or green, like your username)? The dark blue is hard on the eyes on the V1 dark skin.

This is awesome, though.


Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Nice. :catmako

These movie guidebook collections might come in handy:

An alternative masterpost for all databook/fanbook/guidebook stuff (including album links):
Databook and Fanbook Collection
Think it's by @knight504

Shame the update kinda wrecked Chainer's posts.


Nice. :catmako

These movie guidebook collections might come in handy:

An alternative masterpost for all databook/fanbook/guidebook stuff (including album links):
Databook and Fanbook Collection
Think it's by @knight504

Shame the update kinda wrecked Chainer's posts.
I added these, thanks!


Konoha's most skilled shinobi
Hi people, I created this to pay homage to the Naruto Arena Battledome. It's basically all the characters we have in the Naruto Battledome, with all their different versions. They aren't divided by their powers and modes (for example: Base Naruto, KN1 Naruto, KN4 Naruto, SM Naruto, KCM Naruto, BM Naruto and so on) but by their different counterparts during the story, and their counterparts include all their available powers and modes up to that moment (for example: Start of Part 1 Naruto, Part 1 Chunin Exams Naruto, Part 1 Rasengan Naruto, End of Part 1 Naruto who can go KNO and KN1, Start of Part 2 Naruto who can go KN4, Post Fuuton training Naruto, Pain Arc Naruto who can go SM and KN4, Naruto who can go up to KCM, Naruto who can go up to BM, Naruto who can go up to BSM, Naruto after receiving Rikudo Senjutsu, Naruto during The Last, Naruto as an adult during Gaiden and Boruto). I tried as much as possible to assemble characters by their relations during the story, such as main protagonists, allies, enemies, character related to them or who are part of a group and so on.

Ask me if you need any explanation about how I divided the different characters' temporal versions. I really hope you will like my work and that I didn't forget any relevant character.


I did a little edit on the Naruto Arena image, if anyone is interested.

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Retired Staff
The Mangastream archive was shut down recently. Pretty sure kissmanga uses Mangastream scanlations and there's always Mangapanda.


Why doesn't the current Battledome hold such tournaments?

It's pretty active, and I'm sure a lot of members will be willing to participate. We can vote on the rules and moderators could have the final say.


Forest Sage
Woa, you really did a lot of work there. I was doing it one by one, but this solved it pretty well. Amazing job there! @Mad Scientist

You're a role model Master's fan. :gailee
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