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It's finally done!

We have been working for almost a year on this, and we are finally ready to reveal it to naruto's most loyal fans, you guys!

The London Anime Shopping Guide

The version we are releasing now is the first open BETA version, which still needs some tweaking. This is where you guys come in.

We would like you to play this absolutely amazing game, and give us feedback of what you think about it on The London Anime Shopping Guide.

A battle is a 3 versus 3 match. Both you and your opponent select 3 characters that will fight till one of the teams is completely down. Each character has four unique skills, which can be used for defence or attacking your opponent.

To measure your skill we have implemented the ninja ladder, where you will be able to earn different ranks. The number one will be titled the hokage of Naruto-arena!

We hope to see you soon on The London Anime Shopping Guide. And if you like what you see, you're free to spread the word to your friends! The more players, the better the experience.

Greetz from the staff at!

(please keep in mind that this game has JUST been released, so dont expect everything to go smoothly right away. But please stick with us, we will get there very soon!)

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Alchemist ninja said:
I can't find a good tactical team! Can somebody please help me?
Its called testing it out and dont ask for help.

Seriously. In this game, if you have half a brain you can win. Then if your against a dude with half a brain, its all luck.
Yeah, just experiment around and see what you like. That's what I did, and I'm with a pretty decent team right now. I'm happy. -shrug-


O.O can you tell me? It isn't a el-cheapo type combo like Shino Tema, Tenten right? I learned from people that using combos like that is bad because it never gives opponent decent chance to fight and thus just makes it no fun. :p


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Difference between a spam post and a good one is that where you just put "I have the best team" as spam, it would have been fine if you'd actually put content in to say what your successful team was.


I was just making a post to suscribe to the new thread but it seems to stay even after the deleted posted.

my team is

shika shino temari

For future reference go to 'Thread Tools' and 'Subscribe to this Thread' and you can do so without posting - Shrooms
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uhhhm then....i have the best team in which no one can beat me that gave me an 8 win streak.....:oh


Try and put more content in, like who the team consists of - Shrooms

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The games cool but the only problem is not seperating the ranks,
what i mean is that i was able to fight the #5 guy for my first match and it suked

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Soulbadguy said:
i have a question who better tenten or saukra
It depends on what you are looking for.

Sakura can be used to constantly stun an opponent for a round
and be used to heal teammates

Tenten can deal damage to the whole opposing team
and tenten can be used to pause opposing teams which is very useful... like shadowbind.

It really depends on the type of team you are going for.

Warsmith Dameon

For the Dark Gods of Choas
Warsmith Dameon said:
The games cool but the only problem is not seperating the ranks,
what i mean is that i was able to fight the #5 guy for my first match and it suked
Ok i take that bak i played him 2 more times and when 2 undefeated, the 2nd time i played him it came down to 1 on 1 and i would have died in an atack form full power choji but i luckily killed him(Temari was in the red), then the 3rd game same sit but with a full life sasuke instead of temari in read
Edit:I played and i just got hacked i think, the game never started it just said i lost no pics or name came up i just died it suked
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Do you increase and drop to fast or is it fine like this?

i dropped 190 spots, but i havent played like in 4 days :p, so i guess its alright, pretty hard to get back up now though:oh
I loved it, but got a bit confused. Overnight I dropped from rank 10 to 11, and then I was gone for a few hours during the afternoon and dropped about 10 ranks. XD Now I'm in the 40's. x.x


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Jaxel said:
This game gets boring fast...

We are still doing updates that are not directly seen.

And btw, we now have Player Cards!
Click HERE

Soon a lot of updates will come like forums,chat support, unlockable characters, tournaments etc.
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