Naruto Anime or Naruto Manga -Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer -Naruto Anime or Naruto Manga?

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This is directly based off of the curiosity to question the forum base from the The Manga Syndrome Thread.
Manga. So much of the anime's animations (lol) are so distorted, they stretch out every episode with tons of silence so they can make 1 1/2 chapters fill 22 minutes, they censor all the blood and cool violent bits (like Zabuza decapitating Gatou), and make so many cool scenes super gay (like Orochimaru's introduction)..... oh, and the fillers.
Well...for now it's the manga, because of fillers. But for actual canon material, it's pretty much tied...
I enjoy both, I'm a series junkie after all (I even watch the fillers, yes). But I lean manga because it's closer to the artists vision, it's fun to watch for easter eggs Kishi might put in there, and the manga is farther ahead than the anime (need my fix) =)
I chose anime for it's fight scenes, sound effects, and music along with a couple of other more specific reasons.
Eh well I always prefer manga over the anime fillers...but when it comes to the canon stuff from the original creator, I'm influenced by western culture enough to say that I vastly enjoy more of live animation, color and sound.
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I like both, but if I had to pic I would say manga. I only watch the anime for the kick ass fight scenes.

And fillers are horrible, so I haven't watched the anime for quite some time.
i chose anime since im to lazy to read even manga lol althoe i do read manga i just prefer anime since i can sit there and enjoy the story and dont have to think about it lol and theres the added pluse of the the colure and sounds, music..... ermm yea anime, althoe these F**KING FILLERS AND DRIVEING ME INSANE!!!
Manga by far. Like FFPP said, the anime is so drawn out with silence and flashbacks. With the manga, you can decide how long to focus on someone's showcked reaction, while you could also focus longer on a fight.

Manga in general too (as in, not just naruto) because durring the week I don't have alot of time on my hand. So if the manga and anime came out on the same day, and featured the same thing (longer chapters lets say) it would be more timely to just read the chapter.
I prefer the anime when it's not in filler zone.

I believe the anime did the Wave Arc, Chuunin Exam, War on Konoha, and Tsunade Arc better than the manga (though, the Tsunade arc finale was better in the manga).

The Rescue Sasuke arc was better in the manga, but overall, the anime wins when we're not talking filler, imo.

First 114 episodes of anime >> first 191 chapers of manga, imo.
Canon = True to the story.

I never read the earlier chapters, I only started from kakashi Gaiden in the manga, so I can't compared pre-timeskip. But right now, it's definitely manga.
Anime... i don't curse fillers for nothing after all. I'm reading the manga cause there's no anime atm!
Imo, i also think that manga loses points for the poor artwork..
Both. I read the manga first, and then watch the anime. The mangas nice since it comes first and doesn't have any horrible fillers (:( ). But once the anime begins in Part 2, I'll start watching it; since its great to see the sound effects and voice work added.
Non-canon anime fillers aside, I like both a lot, but the manga has a slight edge, for reasons I've already stated in your other thread. :p

I think it really depends on what hits home for you more. I think a really well-drawn panel can have as much or more impact as the same scene animated, especially since the anime's quality isn't always consistent. For example, IMO the end of the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight was done better in the manga (chapters 233 and 234) than the anime (episode 134, though a lot of that just has to do with a couple of poor soundtrack choices). On the other hand, the fight itself was done spectacularly well in episode 133, in a way that the manga, though still more consistent (and once again doing a better job at the more emotional scenes), could never come close to.

So it largely depends on what you like best about the series (action or drama), and also on whether you happen to respond more to the simpler but dramatic images of the manga, or the combination of color+animation+sound+music of the anime.
I'm tied with both but whichever one is truer to the story will have more of my attention.
I have only followed the manga and not been interested in the anim? at all, 'til I started watching it a while ago. And it is definately more emotional to watch the anime than to read the manga. It makes me cry all the time :cry I don't know if that's good or bad.... :p
But due to all the damn's a tie.
I'm pretty impatient, so I like the manga because it's just filler in the anime atm. But I love to see the animated stuff. just so I can compare my fantasy animations with the anime animations.

It's tied.
anime definetly. because the fight scenes are more detailed, in the manga it's couple of boxes and that's it.
Tied. Like the anime because the fight scenes are more detailed and sometimes it's easier to understand the situtations. Like the manga because they don't have all the filler crap and get right down to the point.
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